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New Kiwi TV Series on TV One in February!

Simon M publicity 320pxStarting in a few weeks, National Radio host and self-confessed bike addict Simon Morton, rolls out on a nationwide quest to find out why NZ would be up a creek without the bike. In a light-hearted and entertaining tour of the country, Simon starts in North Otago where he hunts down our very first photo of the ‘iron horse’, carried on by obsessive Kiwi characters, mad inventions, Kiwi world records, all the way upcountry to Auckland. During this primetime TV series Simon discovers how much we Kiwis owe to the humble bicycle.

With trademark good humour, and the curiosity of an amateur enthusiast, Simon’s seven week tour takes the audience on the handlebars, uncovering hidden histories and new inventions behind the classic machine, and how it represents the Kiwi spirit of freedom, humour and adventure. The real stars of the series are the NZ countryside and the people we take Along For The Ride. Watch out for it on TV One in February!