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Akers Road 23.02.2021

After last weeks race 2 of the Palmfeilds Mini Series being postponed, we had a great turnout last night at the Akers Road circuit – there were good numbers across A, B and C grades with smaller numbers in other grades.

This is a race format that is clearly popular among our masters aged members and our younger members too – it was great to see such a range of ages show up for quality racing, and the fantastic and well received hospitality provided by the series sponsor Palmfeild Motors.

It was great to be able to catch up with other riders of all grades and dissect the race in a safe spot off the road while enjoying the sausages and beverages from Rob and his team at Palmfeilds.

The postponed race from last week will now be held on Tuesday 2nd March at A1 loops – make sure you pre register to save time

Register for this weekends woolworths cup here

Register for Tuesdays A1 loops race here

Photo Credit Graeme White Photography
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