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AGRN and more.

Good luck to our riders Colin Anderson, Tomo, Toshi, Glenn Kirk, Chris Hansen, Benjamin Murphy, Filip Martin who have ventured to Timaru for the Age Group Road Nationals this weekend. All very capable of stepping onto the podium on their day. Results can be found on the CNZ website. Time trials on Friday, Road races Saturday and Sunday.

Kudos to Cycling South Canterbury for running AGRN for the second time in 5 years. They are a club, like us at Bike Manawatu, who was formed with a merger of smaller clubs in recent years. They’re now a strong club with a lot of depth at the pointy end of administration and because of that they are able to share responsibilities and resources.

With our secretary of over 5 years moving on in a career journey, there is a void that we as a club will need to fill. Our club has a strong sponsor base, positive rider groups and great roads to choose from. Working close with the schools cycling group will increase our calendar compass as we also work with inviting other clubs to us in inter club teams competitions…. Teams racing is different ( will leave that to speedway)

We are after support to join subcommittees in newly formed Track, Road and Admin etc. Events are easier to run with more support.

Dont forget our Manfeild 6 Hour Cycle Challenge is next month – get those entries in