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Active recreation and sport at Alert Level 3

Here’s the details on cycling at level 3 from SportNZ


Cycling is classed as “Active Recreation”

  • No gathering for active recreation with people outside your bubble.
  • You can travel for active recreation within your region.
  • Maintain physical distancing (2 metres) with people outside your bubble.
  • Activities must remain low risk and within your current abilities and don’t pick up new activities.
  • Lower-risk activities only: care must be taken not to be injured and require medical care.
  • No contact activity or sharing equipment with people outside your bubble.

Longer rides/runs (within your region) are ok. Although they should still be low risk and you should be self-sufficient (be able to get home without outside assistance if something goes wrong).

Mountain biking on known easy trails for experienced mountain bikers is permitted (not grade 3 or above).