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Track meeting – SUNDAY NOVEMBER 23RD

ROAD BIKES: Warm up        1:15pm

Racing           1:30pm – 2:30pm

TRACK BIKES: Warm up        2:30pm

                        First Race      3:00pm Sharp


1. U15’s Warm up race (7 Laps, on whistle)

2. U17/ Open Women Handicap race (7 laps)       

3. A Grade Miss & Out (Start, one free lap. Bell when 5 riders left)

4. U15 Special, 2 person team pursuit(2 Laps)

There will be time Handicaps, $20.00 to winning team on handicap, $10.00 to second team.

5. Team Sprint. All other grades (3 Laps)

6. U15 Handicap (4 Laps)

7. U17’s/ Open Women Handicap (4 Laps)

8. A Grade Handicap (4 Laps)

9. U15’s Handicap (8 Laps)

10. U17’s/ Open Women Handicap (12 Laps)

11. A Grade Handicap (16 Laps)


Race Manager: Ian Gray/ John Arbuckle

Commissaire/s: Mike Simpson (Chief), Wayne Fenn

Chief Judge: Brent Zimmerman

Time Keepers:

  1. Julie Washington-Smith
  2. Chris Croton
  3. Peter Robson

Starter: Grant Sherman

Recorder/ Results: Peter Robson/ Chris Croton (Results to be written in book and sent home with Campbell Stewart or John Arbuckle)

Handicapper: Ian Gray

First Aid: Tracey Shearman

Gate Control: Stu McKenzie


NOTE: Extra Judges and Timekeepers to be appointed on night by Race Manager, as required.

Please phone/ text Ian Gray (0211205751) by Saturday evening if not available.