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A World Champ giving a local champ a world of support and inspiration

For the duration of the event at Akers Rd young Luke Mudgeway, who was part of the World gold medal winning team for the madison at the World junior track champs recently held in Korea rode in the opposite direction of the race. He wasn’t a part of the race and was just happy to see everyone out there doing the laps for each grade.

And young Kyra Craine who got dropped from E grade was going to be the last to finish but not by herself as Luke kindly sat in beside her and encouraged her on to the finish line. What an exciting way to finish – to be able to say you rode across the finish line just in front of a world champion. Thanks to Rebecca Allan for the photo. downloadfile-1[1]

Also thanks to all of the helpers on the day for making this a great start to the graded race series. John Stewart as race manager, Grant Shearman and Gabrielle Bahler as marshals on the course and Alison Kinghorn and Rebecca for recording the results.

As stated at the race briefing no changes of grades are allowed once the grade has been allocated. Refer to the ride calendar to read the full grading policy. Points are allocated for 1st 2nd and 3rd placing and all other competitors receive 1 point therefore making it very achievable for everyone to be in to the prizemoney. The entry fee goes to the prizemoney pool so if you enter as an A grade rider that entry fee goes to A grade prizepool.

Unfortunately there was a slight problem with the timing so not all times are recorded, but it is believed that the finish order is correct.

If you have any problems with these results please email before next Saturdays race.

A GRADE  6 Laps   mins.secs points
80 Stewart Campbell 62.10 4
84 Stannard Robert ST 3
55 West Alex ST 2
53 Washington -Smith Hayden ST 1
52 Daly Paddy ST 1
66 Sanson Chris ST 1
45 Briggs Winston ST 1
48 Simpson Cody ST 1
90 Roberts  George 63.00 1
72 Levin Nate 67.40 1
1 Burke Gideon   1
69 Kinghorn Mitchell   1
C GRADE         
70 Pinkney Chris   4
85 Stannard Elizabeth 49.17 3
  Perry Ruby ST 2
59 Pirie  Tom 51.50 1
95 Shearman Emily ST 1
67 Holleron Ben 52.24 1
18 Doyle Nigel 54.39 1
86 Stannard Katherine 54.44 1
73 Yamauchi Toshi   1
33 Hamilton Jessica   1
  Huston Cameron   1
  Allan Fergus   1
D GRADE 3 laps      
91 Kinghorn Harrison 38.53 4
99 Simpson Dylan 38.54 3
81 Stannard Thomas ST 2
38 Craine Ethan 44.44 1
97 Richmond Michael 44.46 1
E GRADE 3 laps       
56 Pollock Neil 45.58 4
88 Taylor Glenys 46.07 3
96 Cousins Max 50.14 2
98 Pirie  Catriona 50.23 1
46 Craine Kyra 60.14 1