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A selectors view of the club national road races

The quality of racing this year was very good with almost all races being run faster and harder this year than last. From our own club perspective our riders have all excelled. Some stand out sprint finishes  in the road races for gold were seen with Campbell Stewart, Kate Stewart, Jordan Castle and Sue McMaster. Elizabeth Stannard and Michaela Drummond were also in bunch sprints and came in with silver medals.

The course was undulating and  gave the riders plenty of opportunity to attack. Most fields rode the course aggressively which allowed selectors to view extremely good racing and we are confident that we have very high calibre national squads at the junior level. Local riders to be named in the junior squad to represent New Zealand in Australia later in the year are Kate Stewart, Jordan Castle and Mark Findlay. Another local rider, Elizabeth Stannard, is part of the development squad to race in New Zealand.

The elite woman’s race winner, Reta Trotman and the elite man’s race winner, Sam Horgan both come from our region, as do the Olympians Simon Van Velthoven and Jesse Sergent.

It is good to be part of such a successful club and the quality of our riders at all levels is something to be proud of.