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7 Reasons to Road Race

Time trial startPhoto: Kirsty Kahiua

So you enjoy riding your road bike and maybe competing in fun rides? But have you experienced the fun and exhilaration of Road Racing? If not, below are some reasons to add it to your “Top-Things-To-Do-In-2012” List ….

1. Challenge your mind and body with something new.
How long have you been doing the same rides, with the same people, at the same time of week?  Stepping out of your comfort zone is mentally refreshing and hugely rewarding.

2. Improve your cycling
With different courses, distances, and terrain, for each race you’re pushing your body to adapt and improve.

3. Races to suit all abilities
BikeManawatu generally provides A, B, C, D graded races. Whatever level you ride at, or your current level of fitness, you can race with people around your own ability.

4. Safer Cycling
Race routes are generally on low traffic roads, with signage and marshal’s making for safer cycling.

5. Social
Whether it’s post a race debrief with your race mates, or a guilt free visit to the nearest café for a coffee and something decadent to eat, burning up all those calories, racing helps you connect and meet a different group of cyclists.

6. Great cross training
If you’re a triathlete, mountain biker, multisporter, or looking for overall cross training, the intensity, terrain and skills learnt will offer numerous benefits.

7. Coaches available to help you
BikeManawatu has a 7 plus trained level 1 road cycling club coaches. Just contact the Secretary if you would like some help, advice, or coaching to get ready for your first race.

8. Discover your potential
Until you challenge yourself with a few races you really won’t know what you’re capable of.  You may find that racing ignites your competitive streak, and there are opportunities to compete at the Centre and National level.