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53 Laps done!

Laps of TaupoPlease note corrected date for Wal’s*final* Taupo lap of this series – Sunday Apr 14th 8am

Lap 53 now done, that leaves less than distance Cape Reinga- Bluff still to be accounted for.

My *final* Taupo lap of this series will be on Sunday Apr 14th 8am (7.30 register) BP Taupo.

There will CANTEEN personnel @ BP, a $10.00 min donation, you’ll get a bandana in return


This is just a TRAINING ride- NOT a *fun* ride, NO spot prizes- nothing at all, just a few guys/gals out for a cycle ride.  There may be a few Taupo riders front up as well.

BUT in view of the recent cycling tragedy last weekend – ( I was apparently about 5 minutes in front of the group) ALL bikes MUST have a working front & rear light attached & turned ON

WE MUST be seen to be doing our bit for Road safety, I DONT want ANY Racing – Crashes- Stupid riding e.g. NO HANDS-.

Just a social ride LSD to finish off my 10400km 65 laps. Could take around 7 hours, SO if its hot bring some cash- only water is at Tihoi or Turangi.


NO more than 2 abreast & on the majority of the route its really only ONE cycle wide-

Depending on how many turn out we MAY have to break into groups of 15-16 riders, THIS would be done @ the car park at top of Control gate hill..

SO please IF you are intending coming up for this ride

Please txt name/s no/s to me @ 021 022 06227  at least a day or so prior.  Thanks.

Certainly BE SAFE BE SEEN is NOT the Complete answer, BUT its a starting point.

For all of you who’ve cycled in the LTCC you will be truly surprised as to how dangerous this route IS when its not closed as on LTCC day. Traffic flows don’t vary much from 2am till about 11am, esp on the Poihipi road area.

John Lithgow can testify that even Maratori is hard to spot in the mist– But heh Soren Hall can also say I took him partway further down that hill as extra training also , many years ago in a two lapper- but it was dark!.

After 53 laps I’m convinced its a long way from perfect & the SH1 section Turangi – Taupo is a Bloody disgrace.

Non existent verge, concealed old judder sections, New Judders that go right up to bridge abutment Loose metal making some possibly rideable verges totally unacceptable

Signage- Well I’ve counted 6 signs pertaining to Share the road & driver care– the majority are on the very first 6-8km of Poihipi road.

There is NO road signage Re cycling Share etc from the *accident* site, right around the route till around Moututere, then if I recall correctly the next is close to Taupo.
The rain & cooler early am temps are making early starts more of a hassle so many late nights recently, but body hanging together pretty well.

NO punctures at all, using Michelin Pro-race 4 Endurance tyres- perhaps slower than the Pro 4,s But heh I aint racing anything–

Have tried doing back-back doubles but they don’t really work, & make for very short sleep patterns- SO I tried a triple- but it blew its heart out so I flagged that scheme after just 2 laps.
Tihoi Trading Post
Photo attached- WALS in WAY over his head now- the finish is close!!.Thankfully


And feel free to forward to your contact list. 10,000+km Around Lake Taupo = 65 times, that is my final *challenge* for my 65th year- well of course there is the Official Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge also on the Last Saturday of November– train-train–enjoy

IF you wish to follow or join my ride txt 02102206227

Commencing Date

CONFIRMED– Monday Feb.11th 8am Ex BP TAUPO- Wild Bean Cafe..

Colin-Wal- Anderson