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2020 Bike Manawatu AGM – Monday 3rd August 2020

2020 Bike Manawatu AGM – Monday 3rd August 2020


The Bike Manawatu board would like to invite all of our members to attend our Annual General Meeting
*Please note, this date is much later than normal due to Covid-19. Our original meeting planned for Monday 30th March was postponed due to the country being in Lockdown.

When: Monday 3rd August 2020
Where: Marist Sports Club – Pascal Street
Where: 6:00 pm

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All members were sent an email on the 10th March 2020 plus again on Thursday 23rd July 2020 advising:
The Board of Bike Manawatu is proposing to change our Charitable Purpose from “Providing junior development funding for the local cyclists competing nationally and Internationally and running events” to “Providing funding for our members competing nationally and internationally and running events”
The board sees this as an exciting and much needed change, meaning we can consider applications for funding assistance from all of our members, not just the junior category.
Whilst this does not change our club constitution the Bike Manawatu Board believe it is our responsibility to let all of our members know of this change which will be brought up at our AGM with plenty of time for transparency.
We would also like to have an open forum during our General Business and invite you tell us what you enjoy or would like to see changed, how we could improve etc – all feedback is welcome.
Providing solutions for any problems is always a bonus

For some time there has been an amount of $50,000 in the financial records of Bike Manawatu. There has been confusion as to where these funds came from and also conjecture as to its intended use, many believing, as currently documented, it is to contribute towards the development of a criterium track.

After exhaustive research by the Bike Manawatu Secretary, Keryn Paekau, it has been confirmed that this money has come from members funds and not a community fund, as previously thought. If the money had been received via grants, there would be documentation to support the grant application and its purpose and as a Board we would be duty bound to either use it for that purpose, or return the money.

The board still consider a dedicated criterium track would be a fantastic asset for cyclist in the Manawatu region, however given the current economic climate, as a result of COVID-19, sponsorship and grant money being difficult to access and the fact that this project is not including the Manawatu Councils 10 year district plans, this goal is neither realistic, or achievable. Therefore the board would like to remove the reference to the use of this money for the development of a criterium track from the financial review document.

The board believe that a portion of this money could be utilised to purchase a dedicated Traffic Management Vehicle (truck). The reasoning behind this decision is based primarily on managing risk and securing the future of Bike Manawatu. Costs associated with running cycling events have escalated, traffic management compliance expenses have doubled in the last twelve months and have directly contributed to another local cycling club being forced out of existence. Instead of paying for third party providers, the board would prefer to manage traffic management internally, which we believe will provide significant cost savings in hosting events.

Over the last twelve months and particularly post COVID-19 lockdown we have seen exceptional interest and growth from the local cycling community in supporting events. As a board our focus is on ensuring we can continue to promote and provide cycling events and ensuring these are done with a strong focus on safety and meeting all regulatory requirements.  Currently, Tim Lloyd is dedicating a large amount of time to the oversite of events and in particular traffic management and safety. Tim is using the club trailer and his own vehicle to transport traffic management equipment to and from events. With a dedicated Traffic Management vehicle, equipment can be stored securely and is readily transportable and will allow greater opportunity for other club members to provide assistance, to Tim with setting up and management of events.

Along with club racing the Traffic Management vehicle would also be utilised for the Novice Tour, Feilding Festival of Cycling and could be hired out to other events, such as Gravel and Tar. The Board would therefore like to release an amount of up to $20,000 of the term deposit to put towards this project, with the remaining funds being reinvested as a term deposit.

As a board we want to grow as a club and support and develop our local riders, this investment will assist in achieving these goals.

We look forward to seeing you there 

Please send any apologies via email to

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