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2018 Yunca Tour

2018 Yunca Tour

MSC just had 7 MSC riders compete in YUNCA Junior Tour from 5-7 October.   This tour has 6 stages over 3 days of racing.

Connie O’Brien
Rosie O’Brien
Ellie O’Brien
Michael Richmond
Jack Pronk
Kyle Hoskin
Logan Hoskin

Fantastic 3 days of hard racing in generally good weather but Southland did throw in some rain and wind at the riders to keep it interesting. .

Connie flew out of the blocks wining the prologue and was in yellow for the first 5 stages only to loose it in the last stage with a break away ride. Connie got KOM jersey and second on GC. 

Kyle started slowly in the prologue but broke away for 2.5 laps in the Kermeese to get some sprint points with one other rider. Stage 3 was a solid ride (Michael R crashed but got bunch time) and then in stage 4 Kyle had the ride of his life to go from 15th to 3rd on GC plus take green and poker jerseys. In this he broke away at the start of the stage with 3 other riders. 10 mins later 1st rider blew. Kyle claimed sprint and KOM points and then the green (Sprint) rider blew so it was just 2 riders at the front. Kyle did 80% of work and still got next KOM and sprint. The 2 riders were then caught by 6 strong riders with about 6 km to go and Kyle immediately attacked the new bunch blowing his fellow rider and one other out the back door to loose 7 minutes each. Then somehow Kyle took the sprint and won the stage. Sadly he lost green in stage 5 & 6 but still got second on sprint points and held KOM jersey and ended up 3rd on GC. All in all the best tour for him so far.

Michael had a great prologue but sadly withdrew for stage 6 with a sore body from crash in stage 3. 

Jack started well again a great prologue and struggled mid tour and finished well, Jack finished 16th in U Boys.

Rosie solid as ever finishing in 9th place in U17 Girls.

Ellie rode well too finishing in 10 place in U17 Girls.

Logan finished every stage and he bet everyone who pulled out and everyone who did not enter.

All results are on “Yunca Junior Tour of Southland” Facebook page. Have a browse if you wish, there are plenty of great photos too.

Great memories for these 7 riders, great fun and a great tour. Great to have some locals to share the experience with.