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$2000 worth of prizes for Gravel and Tar Gran Fondo riders

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At last Sunday’s Bike Manawatu’s ride five of us tested out the Gravel and Tar 70km Gran Fondo course.We all rode with some anxiety before leaving memorial park as the gravel section was an unknown to us.We are pleased to report the gravel section on midland road off valley road Colyton was actually really good as was the section on watershed road.Riding the right lines took a few kms to get used to but we all loved it.The ride back past Hiwinui school via Ashhurst and home on the Tar was fast and fun as well.
Once experienced, the anxiety of gravel is gone and the beautiful country road scenery so close to the city is all we remember.No flat tyres,no fall offs,and bikes only a bit dusty. A cool experience. Thank you club members Steve Harley,Roy Hughes,Chris Pinkney and Ross Rainham. 

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Sponsors Bayleys Real Estate and our four City Bike Shops have got together to provide riders in this years Gravel and Tar Gran Fondo 70km ride $500 worth of prizes in four categories.
Ride starts at 1.15pm from Square January 27th for recreational riders.

Mens grade over 19; Bike Barn vouchers to the value of 1st $250 2nd $150 3rd $100
Women grade over19. AvantiPlus vouchers to the value of 1st $250 2nd $150, 3rd $100
Boys under 19; Central Bicycle Studio vouchers to the value of 1st $250 2nd $150 3rd $100
Girls under 19 : Crankit Cycles vouchers to the value of 1st $250 2nd $150 3rd $100

Online registration are best as soon as possible and are easy please.Late entries for the Gran Fondo and Riverpath Challenge open on Saturday morning at 7.30am and close at 9am at Cyclista Cafe on George street.

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The party starts at “Cycling Central” from 7.30am on Saturday the 27th of January which involves closing off George Street from Cyclista Cafe to Moxies Cafe. Green carpet will be laid on the road to cordon off the Cycling Central Festival and the street party will begin.All retailers in George Street are totally enthusiastic towards helping this fun event succeed. All we need is more rider entries for the Gran Fondo and Riverpath Challenge to help boost numbers.

The big stage setup on George street will be ready to introduce the Pro riders and team at 11.45am before they make their way to the start line at 1pm outside I SITE on the Palmerston North square.Followed by the start of the Gran Fondo ride at 1.15pm and The River Path Challenge at 1.30pm

Lead by the police and six international race commissaires (referees) the UCI Gravel and Tar pro Race will travel up through Ashhurst the beautiful Pohingina Valley showcasing the Manawatu region to the world followed by media and film crew capturing drone and film footage.

The 131km race is expected to finish at Memorial Park at 4.15pm and the official prize presentation starts at 4.45pm on Stage at Cycling Central in George street where we are hoping the cycling vibe of a European Cycling Village event can be felt in Palmy.The more friends you can bring along the better.

27th January day activities time line;
Where; “Cycling Central” -George Street
7am to 9am: Late entries for 70km Gran Fondo and 30km Riverpath Challenge
9.45am : Retro Ride Start
9.45am Ongoing entertainment (Musicians) on Stage for the day.
11.45am; Introducing the UCI Pro Team Managers and Pro race Teams on stage.
1pm: Start of UCI Gravel and Tar 131km Race from I Site on the square.
1.15pm: Start of Gravel and Tar Gran Fondo 70km ride.
1.30pm: Start of Gravel and Tar River Path Challenge 30km ride
3pm: Riverpath Challenge Finish-Memorial Park
3.30pm; Gran Fondo Finish-Memorial Park
4.15pm; UCI Pro Race Finish-Memorial Park
4.45pm; UCI Pro Race Prize Giving -on stage Cycling Central -George street
5pm: Riverpath Challenge Prize Giving-on stage Cycling Central -George street
5.30pm; Gran Fondo Prize Giving- on stage Cycling Central-George street.
6pm-9pm; On going Entertainment along with Interviews
7.30pm; Cycling Film Festival – Globe Theatre.

Checking out the amazing results of events our club riders have been involved in is great to follow.

Alex West & Robert Stannard pictured racing in 2017
NZ Elite Road Nationals-Napier January 5th to 7th.
Hub Tour of Hawkes Bay results- January 12th to 14th.
The New Zealand Cycle Classic-Wairarapa- January 16th to 21st.

Wednesday Cyclists “Loving It”
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Every single Wednesday morning all year round a hardy group of Bike Manawatu members are carrying on the long term tradition of our Wednesday Cyclists group.The group leaves at 6.30am opposite the BP service station on Fitzherbert to tick the legs over and complete a 90km fun ride broken up with a coffee and banter in Feilding. Anyone can join in on the fun and the return time is approximately 10.30am.
A great group of loyal people and characters who have become friends that have to put up with plenty of jib along the way from the more forward characters in the group.We mention no names….