Track Chit Chat March 2017


Due to our special end of season meeting date clashing with the CHB Junior Tour on Sat/Sun 25 & 26 March, we have decided to change the date of our closing meeting to 3:00PM SUNDAY 2ND APRIL.

This is to be a special meeting to close the season and $300 of prizemoney will be put up for riders to win on 2 April. It has been a very windy and often wet for the track season, so we hope to make up for it on closing day. There will be a special race for rookie riders with prizemoney of $40 and also the scratch races for the club championships will be run, plus the 500m Time Trial Championships for U19 and senior riders.


Track Club Championships Information and Rules

Club championships will be run in the following categories for track bikes.

  1. U15 Boys, U15 Girls               6.00m maximum gear roll out (U15 Boys A and B grade)
  2. U17 Boys, U17 Girls               7.00m maximum gear roll out
  3. Senior Men, Senior Women
  4. Masters Men, Masters Women

Events – Track Bikes

  1. 500m Individual Time Trial, 1km for U19 & Elite Men
  2. 2000m Individual Pursuit (5 laps of the track less 6.25m) except for U19 men and senior men will be run over 3000m (7.5 laps)
  3. 200m Flying Time Trial
  4. Scratch races
    1. U15/U17 : 2000m (5 laps)
    2. All others : 5000m (12 laps)

Points to be awarded in each event for all grades.

1st        6 points

2nd       4 points

3rd        3 points

4th        2 points

5th        1 point

Every rider receives 2 points for each event they ride. Points are to be accumulated over all events in each grade and medals will be awarded to the first three in each category.


  1. Cycling New Zealand rules apply for all events. In 500m and individual pursuits, release start. Riders must start inside the sprinters line and not below the pole line.
  2. Timekeeping. Three watches must be used. If only two watches agree, this is recorded. If three watches agree this is taken as the time, if no watches agree, middle watch is taken as the recorded time. Recorder to record all three watch times.

February Track Chit Chat with Ian Gray

Chit Chat - February 2017

It has been a horrible season weather wise for track racing this season. Wind, wind and more wind!!! 

There have been some fine performances by BikeManawatu members.

Results for CyclingNZ Elite and U19 Champs

Invercargill 2-5 February 2017 

Elite Men

Carne Groube              Bronze – Scratch Race

Jordan Castle              Silver – Keirin

                                    Bronze – Kilo

Campbell Stewart       Bronze - Points Race

                                    Gold – Madison

Elite Women              

Michaela Drummond  Gold – Madison

                                    Bronze – Points Race

U19 Women

Libby Arbuckle             Silver – Points Race

                                    Bronze – Scratch Race

Emily Shearman         Silver – Individual Pursuit

                                    Bronze – 500mTT

                                    Silver – Scratch Race

 Open Team Pursuit 4000m – Bronze

Carne Groube, Campbell Stewart, Joel Yates and Thomas Garbett
(Levin) took home bronze and the WCNI record in a time of 4.08mins. Excellent time. 

Open Women’s Team Pursuit 4000m – Silver

Michaela Drummond, Emily Shearman, Libby Arbuckle and Megan Gardner.

 U19 Women Team Sprint – Gold

Emily Shearman and Sophie Bloxham (Levin)


Libby Arbuckle (U19) was the outstanding rider at the champs winning 3 golds and also breaking 3 WCNI outdoor track records in the 200m sprint, 500m TT and in the 2000m Individual Pursuit, in which she rode an outstanding time of 2mins 35.81s to break a record held since 1994. 

Angus Claasen (U17) had a very good championship winning 3 golds and 1 silver and breaking the WCNI outdoor track record for the 200m sprint, recording 11.85s.

In the U17 Boys Kyle Hoskin won the 2000m Individual Pursuit recording an outstanding time of 2m 31.98s.

In the U15 boys Ben Irvine was dominant winning 3 gold medals and one silver medal.

Ewan Cousins continues to improve and rode well for 2 silver medals and a bronze medal in the U15 boys.


2 records were established.

Angus broke the U17 boys record (time 36.10s)

Grant Haggett broke the M2 record (time 37.10s)

Gabrielle Wildbore established a record for masters 2 women (time 44.59s).

The U19 and senior Kilo Champs will be run on 7 March at 6pm.

BikeManawatu dominates WCNI track team for AgeGroup Championships

Congratulations to all athletes, especially our BikeManawatu members who will be representing WCNI at the upcoming National Age Group Champs in Cambridge.

U15 Boys
Ewan Cousins, Ben Irvine, Dr's Caldwell, Finnegan Murphy

U17 Boys
Michael Richmond - TT, IP, Scratch, Points, Sprint, Team Sprint, TP
Kyle Hoskin - TT, IP, Scratch, Points, Sprint, Team Sprint, TP
Ethan Craine - TT, IP, Scratch, Points, Sprint, Team Sprint, TP
Angus Claasen - TT, Sprint, Team Sprint, TP

U17 Girls 
Dannielle Porteous - TT, Scratch, Sprint, Team Sprint, 
Karen Horn - TT, Scratch, Points, Sprint, Team Sprint

Masters Men Cat 1
Brendon Sharratt - Scratch, Points, IP
Patrick Weinrauch - Scratch, Keirin, Team Sprint, TT
Grant Haggett - Team Sprint, TT

Masters Men Cat 2
John Stewart - Scratch, Points, IP

Masters Men Cat 3
Richard Horn - Scratch, Keirin, Team Sprint, TT
Adam Hamlin - Scratch, Team Sprint (Pool), TT, IP

Masters Women Cat 1
Nicola Cox - Scratch, Keirin, TT, IP

Masters Women Cat 2 
Tamara Ross - Scratch, TT, IP
Tonia Nesbitt - TT, IP

Masters Women Cat 4
Megan Blatchford - TT

Masters Women Cat 7
Janice O'Brien - TT, IP

Elite Men Omnium
Joel Yates
Campbell Stewart

Elite Women Omnium
Michaela Drummond

U19 Men Omnium
Dylan Simpson
Jakob Lester

U19 Women Omnium
Emily Shearman
Libby Arbuckle
Megan Gardner
Samara Fenn

Support Team
Lisa Horn - Manager
Nick Spark - Assistant Manager
Grant Wilson
Mike McRedmond
Dave Hoskin
Martin Baker
Amy Jade Horn
John Arbuckle

WCNI Track Carnival UPDATES

UPDATE: 11AM SUNDAY 11/12/16 - Track Carnival will go ahead for a 1pm start time

The weather in Feilding is reasonable, and it doesn't look like it will rain. Therefore at this stage it looks like we will be going ahead with racing! There is a bit of wind so riders will need to be aware of this when racing. Don't forget your $5 cash and some spare change for the BBQ! BikeManawatu Track riders need to bring their numbers. Registration 11:45 to 12:30, racing starts at 1pm. Best of luck for racing all!


It is currently not raining in the Manawatu and there are stong winds. There is promising blue sky currently, but the forecast is for showers this morning and clearing in the afternoon. At this stage we beleive there is a 50% chance the carnival will be postponed and we will review the situation at 11am, as we will have a better idea of if the wetaher is improving or not be then. For those travelling this information is the best we can give at this stage, and we are doing our best to keep you informed.

We are running a WCNI track Carnival on Sunday 11 December at 1pm in Feilding. Here is all you need to know incase the weather is not in our favour...

-The weather forecast in the Manawatu is OK for tomorrow, with about a 60% chance of rain

-We will only race if the track is dry (takes about 1.5 hrs to dry out)

-An update on the weather will be given at 9am for those travelling to the event

-The final call whether the event is postponed or not will be made by 11:30am by our race manager Ian Gray and posted here, on the event page and 'BikeManawatu Track Cycling' Facebook group. This final call is made at this time, as majority of the riders attending are local riders.

-If postponed we will run the event the following week, 18th December at 1pm.

If you are travelling from out of town and want an earlier or more frequent update the best person to contact would be Ian Gray (0211205751) and if you can't get hold of him Kate Stewart (0278139922), she is out of town but will point you in the right direction.