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The course

by | May 8, 2012

The course includes the 3 km Manfeild trackĀ  and also takes in the pit area where transition will take place. Riders will circulate in an anticlockwise direction.


The Passing Rule

All riders are to keep on the inside line on all parts of the course. Faster riders are to pass on the outside line on all occasions.

Slower riders have the right of way and are not to deviate to make way for faster riders.

Faster riders are to clearly announce that they are coming up on slower riders.

Be aware of riders splitting away from a bunch to enter the transition area and of slower merging riders when leaving the transition area.


Riders will enter the transition zone through the Slow Down area and dismount on entry to the Transition Zone. Exchanging the transponder will take place in the transition zone and the new rider is to remount the bike only on exit from transition zone.

Entry onto the course proper will only occur when authorised to do so by the marshal. Failure to comply with this rule will see teams penalised.