Three All Time Club Time Trial Records Broken

This week two riders broke Club 12km Time Trial Records which has been running for 9 years on the Kairanga course. Also I was told of one from last November.

If you want to acknowledge them, Deb Cuff, 22min10sec (W5), Libby Arbuckle 17min48sec (Under 23) and Tyler Mumby, 21min37sec on 29/141/2017 (11 Year old boys).

Attached are the updated all time records, and a copy of the times from this week,

IMG 2776

IMG 2781

Marist St Patrick's Day

1 Chrome Legacy Window 15022018 90235 p

2018 Manawatu Cycle Challenge

Man Challenge 2018

The Manawatu Cycle Challenge is on this weekend

See their website for details

2018 Track cycling Calendar

Track cycling Calendar

track 2018
(Also available from BM Facebook)

National Medals for Manawatu track stars

Bike Manawatu wish to congratulate our rising star track cyclists for an amazing hall of medals at last week’s National Track Cycling Champs. Just read the results and next time you see these committed local riders and their families be sure to congratulate them. They deserve every amount of praise.

Michaela Drummond finished third in the women's 20km points race and she rode the in a composite team in the women's madison with Racquel Sheath (Waikato) and they won gold. Michaela was also in the west coast north Island (WCNI) team along with Emily Shearman, Libby Arbuckle and Megan Gardner that won Silver in the 4000m team pursuit.
Jordan Castle was third in the men's 1000m time trail and second in the men's Keirin.
Emily Shearman was third in the under 19 women's 500m time trail and second in the under-19 2000m individual pursuit.
Libby Arbuckle was third in the under 19 women's 7.5km scratch race and won silver in the 15km points race. Carne Groube was third in the men's 15km scratch race.
Our WCNI men won bronze in the 4000m team pursuit and our junior women sprint team win gold.
Campbell Stewart was third in the men's 30km points race and riding with Dylan Kennett for a composite Waikato team won the madison.
Campbell Stewart was named as junior men's cyclist of the year. He defended his world title in the Omnium at the junior world championships and was a member of the pursuit team that broke the world record.


A Hot summer of Safe cycling

1 IMG 4922
This year’s summer has been kind to cycling enthusiasts with groups and solo riders building their kilometres. Every year is different and we all know weather plays a big part of how much time we spend on the bike often braving the elements. More recently though everyone seems to be loving the weather and cycling. May it continue.
On a more serious note. All recreational riders and groups are responsible to choose the safest possible route please. Staying hard left on the left side of the road and two abreast (unless single file is called for) concentrating and communicating throughout the ride is road etiquette and generally safe.
So why have many of our riders and ride groups been seen (far too often) looking for cover and spreading three and four abreast across the road at times even over the white line.
This disregard for safety is why many other road users get frightened or angry towards cyclists when approaching us from behind or oncoming.
Please be sensible and ride in the most appropriate groups and follow cycling etiquette. Spirited riders if you want to race knowing the group will split at some point maybe pre plan your groups more appropriately before you leave.
A good safe ride with your cycling buddies and a coffee and good banter together afterwards is fun. A serious accident would not be worth thinking about.
Check out: NZ Transport agency- The official New Zealand Code for cyclists.


Central Energy Manawatu Sports Awards

Bike Manawatu wish to congratulate Campbell Stewart, Michaela Drummond, Libby Arbuckle and Emily Shearman on being selected as finalists for the Central Energy Trust Manawatu Sports Awards to be held on Friday the 2nd of March.
Tickets are available from Sports Manawatu and doors open at 5.45pm at Central Trust Arena.


"Manawatu Festival of Cycling" Retro Ride

2 IMG 4917

3 IMG 4918

4 IMG 4919

5 IMG 4920
Over 40 people from as far as Wellington, Hawkes Bay and Auckland dressed up in very cool old fashion clothing and handpicked their favourite old fashion bikes and had a ball riding this years "Manawatu Festival of Cycling" Retro Ride. Fun was had by all. See a sample of photos including one Gary Buys taking a business call before setting off.


Save the Date - Manfeild 6 Hour 2018

1-manfeild 6 hour poster1-001.jpg

Please Return Bike Manawatu Trophies

please return trophies.jpg

On behalf of the club, may we please ask that all outstanding Bike Manawatu trophies please be returned in preparation for prize giving.

Trophies can be returned to:
Bike Manawatu
C/- Sport Manawatu
50 Queen Street, Palmerston North

Thank You


Kairanga ITT 2018

6 ITT2018

2018 Manawatu Festival of Cycling wrap up

The hard work put in by our fantastic band of local volunteers and supporters was humbling while the backing of our local businesses was truly appreciated. Even more valuable was the vision and support given to cycling in the region by PNCC, Ceda, Sport Manawatu, NZCT, Mainland Foundation, Lion Foundations which speaks volumes.

To achieve this in such a short four month period after UCI accreditation, everyone should be tremendously proud of for their part in this our first "Manawatu Festival of Cycling" Not everything ran smoothly and our current debriefing processes have been invaluable. So thank you.

Equally not all members were positive about Bike Manawatu hosting the "Manawatu Festival of Cycling" which we know is all part of building something that is new.We learnt the same was true for the Taupo Cycling Challenge organisers who recall terrible early times way back when they first started.

Your Feedback please?

We welcome all cycling fans for their helpful and constructive solutions based feedback to help us for future events. Please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
- Would you support riding this local "Manawatu Festival of Cycling" event? Y/N
- Would you ride an event with Gravel in it? Y/N
- What events would you like to encourage you to ride?

A special thank you to Rob Ryan for organising the race vehicles for the race officials, doctors, media and photographers. Palmfeild Motors, Robertson Holden, and Nissan Manawatu were outstanding in supporting our event.
Also thank you to our four local bike shops for their generous support in the Gran Fondo prize giving top three winners. Bike Barn, Central Bycyle Studio, AvantiPlus and Crankit Cycles.


Robert Stannard Joins Mitchelon-Scott

1 IMG 4850
Last week after racing in the UCI "Gravel and Tar Classic" local rising star Robert Stannard flew to Dubai to race in the Tour of Dubai.Phenomenal really for many reason.Robert has just been signed by world class pro team Mitchelton- Scott and this week also came an astonishing 15th place ahead of legend Mark Cavendish and a world class field in stage one of the Tour of Dubai.Find out more


"UCI Gravel and Tar Classic" reaches Global audience with YouTube Video coverage

Congratulations Manawatu. Passionate cycling fans from all over the world have been watching the UCI "Gravel and Tar Classic" YouTube video footage which showcased our beautiful Manawatu region and "Manawatu Festival of Cycling"brilliantly.

Gravel & Tar Spot Prizes

Bike Manawatu apologizes to our participants for not drawing our spot prizes at Prize Giving, however due to circumstances out of our control our team were busy confirming our results.
In lieu of this we here at Bike Manawatu have used the Random Number Generator.

Results have been drawn completely at random and no bias was used during this time.

Results here

Congratulations to all spot prize winners, please contact our secretary Keryn Paekau on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and organize a time to collect your prize from the Sport Manawatu office.

Thank you


River City Wheelrace Carnival 2018

8 AVPageView 02022018 24840 p

Manawatu Festival of Cycling

1 IMG 4790

Check out results here or by following the link on the Gravel and Tar website.

UCI Gravel and Tar Classic 131km

Ethan Berends ( AUS )of Möbius Bridgelane takes the win ahead of Michael Torckler (NZ) of Blindz Direct and Hayden McCormick of the New Zealand national team. Local riders Robert Stannard,Alex, West,Joel, Yates,Jacob, Sievwright and Mitchell Kinghorn contested this tough endurance event where luck plays a major part as punctures and mechanicals can blow your race apart. Media reports reached Italy and other parts of the world with a day of the event.

2 IMG 4796

Gravel and Tar Gran Fondo 70km

Mens over 19 went to Cliff Hughes followed by Brett Ismack in second and John Mudgeway in third. Womens over 19 was won by Lizzy Stannard with Margaret Leyland second and Cheryl Christie in third.

The boys under 19 race winner Madi Hartley Brown was closely followed by Dylan Simpson in second and Jack Edwards in third. Girls under 19, the winner was Rosie Obrien.


Libby Arbuckle in the Sun Tour Australia

3 IMG 4794

What an achievement for Libby Arbuckle racing against some of the best female cyclists in the world at the Sun Tour 2018 in Australia.


Taranaki Cycle Challenge

4 IMG 4792

Many of our club riders travelled to Taranaki last weekend for the around the mountain cycle challenge. In the heat and over a long distance many different category of riders put themselves up the challenge. The feedback from those who competed this year said once again it was tough but a great weekend was had by all in New Plymouth. Congratulations to everyone who rode the challenge.

Gravel and Tar - Thank you.

5 IMG 4789

Bike Manawatu want to thank all of those people who participated and volunteered to help stage our first “Manawatu Festival of Cycling" 2018.

The people of Manawatu should feel proud this unique community event has been a success.

Designed as a community event to promote the health and fitness benefits of cycling to all ages in the wider Manawatu. Bike Manawatu with the help of a the Palmerston City Council, CEDA and SportManawatu along with the support of NZCT,Mainland, Foundation, Lion Foundation and a select number of local businesses partnered to produce a excellent fun filled weekend for cycling fans.

The "Manawatu Festival of Cycling" catered for all ages across five different ride events.

Approximate participants: (315 people)

Main Events: UCI Gravel and Tar Classic. 131km.             (11 teams and 55 riders)

                     Bayleys Gravel and Tar Gran Fondo 70km.   (50 riders)

                     Riverpath Challenge 30km.                           (20 riders)

                     Retro Ride- dress up ride on older bikes.       (40 riders)

                     Bike Movie night at the Globe.                       (80 people)

                     Mountain Bike Kahuterawa Challenge.           (70 riders)

Festival Activities included;

25th January; Manawatu Schools "question and answer" evening at Hotel coachman with the elite UCI international cycling team Möbius Bridgelane was a success. During the week our talented local school cyclist also had the opportunity to go on training rides with the elite teams. A huge learning benefit to our schools.

26th January; The formal welcome to the Manawatu dinner at Hotel Coachman (Pasta Party) for all of the elite UCI cycling teams, managers and our stakeholders and sponsors. The evening went well with 110 people enjoying two hours together.

27th January; "Cycling Central" in George street was closed off and setup for the Festival atmosphere with live all day music. The pre race "Gravel and Tar" team presentations were held on the big stage to resemble a European Cycling Festival with a "Kiwi Flavour”. Later in the day after the "Gravel and Tar" race prize giving acknowledged everyone involved in event and rider interviews.

The vibe throughout the day in George street and the square was excellent and the feedback mainly positive and proud from local people. When interviewed on stage the elite teams confirmed with their audience how much they loved the Manawatu region and being a part of the festive. Most said they will be back next year.

The UCI accredited the "Gravel an Tar Classic with 1.2 status in October 2017 giving Bike Manawatu four months to stage the event. The protocol, standards and scale of holding a UCI event, one of only six UCI events held this end of the world did extend our small clubs resources over the four months.

Of interest has been the incredible national and international attention the "Gravel and Tar Classic" has had which is humbling for our small region. Film footage of the event is currently being edited to showcase the beautiful Manawatu countryside and New Zealand.


"Manawatu Festival of Cycling" - Debrief

Not everyone in the club agreed with our club hosting the event and not everything run smoothly which all events experience. The club have now experienced new heights in event management and are currently debriefing all areas of this event with the future in mind.

We would appreciate helpful and constructive solution-based feedback from members on the following to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Would you support riding our local "Manawatu Festival of Cycling" next year. Yes or no?
  • Would you ride an event with Gravel in it? Yes or No?

3) What ride events would you like added to the event to encourage you to ride?

4) Would a day of festival entertainment be of value to your day. Yes or No?

5)Would you be a volunteer to help out next event? Yes or no?

Apologise : I have to personally apologise to all Gran Fondo and Riverpath Challenge riders for me not presenting the spot prizes at the prize giving on stage in George street. As a first for me personally, unfortunately the prize giving was long and went into the early evening. I therefore chose not to finish off with the spot prizes as many people had left and the Stage and festival equipment was due to come down.

We do however intend to present them and will notify those spot prize winners.


Kairanga Time trail series starts again.

6 ITT2018


Bike Manawatu Track Programme 2018

7 BMTrack18



Gravel & Tar Results

Gravel & Tar results can be found by following the below link:


A huge thank you must go out to everyone who made the event possible!

See you again next year.

Track Champs

Event Name: Vantage Elite & U19 Track National Championships
Event Date: 21 - 25 February 2018
Location: SIT Zero Fees Velodrome
Contact: Cycling New Zealand
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
07 823 0716

Event Name: Vantage Age Group Track National Championships
Event Date: 8 - 11 March 2018
Location: SIT Zero Fees Velodrome, Invercargill
Cycling New Zealand
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
07 823 0716

We currently have very small teams travelling to Track Nationals for both events Please register your interest asap if you plan on attending.
Thank you

Kim Anderson 

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