Essex Cup – Pohangina Road Race – Sunday 21st February 2021 - Event Cancelled Due to Low Numbers

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9am Start Time
All riders MUST Pre Register Here before 12 noon Saturday 20.02.21

Start & Meet - Riders will assemble outside in the Pohangina Village
Registration 8.15am at HQ – (near the Bike Manawatu Timing Van) usually near the Pohangina Road / Finnis Road Junction
Race briefing 8:45am - all riders must attend
First grade off at 9am

This event is run as a graded handicapped race
Grades and handicaps will be determined on the date and subject to numbers

The Essex Cup Pohangina course is a 30 km circuit.
Come out and test yourself  - We would love to see you.

$5 members / $10 non-members – All welcome  (Only members are eligible for the trophy)
We encourage you to pay online Bike Manawatu ANZ 01-0745-0284925-00 please use your name, race number & race name as reference

Please note if we have to postpone our event on the 7th February due to weather or anything else out of our powers - we have this event scheduled and traffic management approved for for Sunday 21st February 2021.

Please do not attend our event if you are unwell

History - Essex Cup -  – Ashhurst / Pohangina Race
Harry Essex was a publican who sponsored cycling in the 1950’s. This was a
Traditionally a Handicapped road race from Ashhurst – Pohangina (totara reserve) through the gravel and back approx. 50km


  • Please pre register & make payment online as per the instructions above
  • Please ensure you are aware of the course route – Course notes can be found below
  • Registration will be just before the start line – Please note if there we are in a situation with Covid-19 at the time, please remember to use the 2 meter rule and follow all govt guidelines which include using hand sanitiser provided and to practise social distancing
  • There is hand sanitiser provided in our Bike Manawatu timing van
  • Please do not attend our event if you are unwell


  • All parking is to be well off the road – please respect the Pohangina residence and their nature strips I.e please don’t park on the soggy verge
  • Please proceed to registration


  • As we have been trailing for some time the number allocated for this event will be your permanent number for all future BM events. We are redistributing new fabric numbers to all members.
  • Non members will be given a number however if you are not planning to continue to attend Bike Manawatu club events please return your bib number at the completion of the race or you may be invoiced for a replacement.
  • Please look after your race numbers and bring it to ALL club events, we do not have spares for you if you forget it on the day.
  • If you have not received your number yet we will have it ready for you at registration.
  • Race Numbers are to be placed on the left hand side, rear quarter of your race top, readable in the prone riding position.


  • Registration will be at in the Pohangina Village near our Timing Van on Pohangina Road. There will be a volunteer helping
  • We will have hand sanitiser available at registration
  • $5 members / $10 non-members – We highly encourage you to pay online Bike Manawatu ANZ 01-0745-0284925-00 please use your name, race number & race name as reference
  • Ensure you give yourself plenty of time to register, pin your number, grab your transponder and go to the start area awaiting the race managers briefing.
  • Numbers are to be placed on the left hand side, rear quarter of your race top.
  • Please read all notices at the registration desk, a repeat of the rider briefing and safety notes set out below
  • It is your responsibility to ensure your transponder is on correctly if it is not it may not read on our system, therefore you may not receive a finish time.


  • Each rider will be issued with a Transponder:
  • Your transponder holder should be 4 fingers under the rim (remember to take the sticky tape off the holder and don't put the cable ties through the spokes)
  • Left hand side of the fork - shiny side facing out
  • Once your finished use some snips and take the length off the cable ties – we will have some at the start line for you.
  • Step 1 – Remove the Backing Tape on the black holder.
    Position black holder on Front LEFT fork, 4 fingers below the top of spokes
    Pull cable ties TIGHT. Ensure Holder remains flush to fork
  • Step 2 – Trim the cable ties with some snips
  • Step 3 – Slide Transponder into holder until it clicks
    Give transponder a gentle tug to ensure it is secure
    To remove transponder press release button and slide it out
  • Checklist
    Black Holder secure
    Transponder secure
    On front left fork
  • Transponder photo.
  • 4 fingers below top of spokes
  • Please make sure your transponder is handed back at the completion of your ride.


  • We have Bike Manawatu QR codes available for you to scan in using the NZ Covid Tracer – all riders who have pre registered will have contact tracing details on your online registration, however riders please feel free to use our QR codes too


  • Start & Meet outside in the Pohangina Village – usually near the Pohangina Road / Finnis Road Junction
  • Sign on 8.15am at HQ – (Bike Manawatu Timing Van outside Cheltenham Hall)
  • Race briefing 8.45am - all riders must attend
  • First grade start 9.00am
  • Please remember to respect the locals living these roads.
  • Please be considerate.  No spitting or “snot rockets” in the bunch please
  • Please do not attend our event if you are unwell
  • The roads are narrow, please be mindful of motorists.


  • Traffic management will be in place, but this is to warn other road uses that we are there.
  • Roads are open and all normal road rules apply (riders must obey NZ road rules at ALL times)
  • Marshals are provided for direction and in some places to stop cyclists due to traffic
  • Riders must give way at all junctions as required.
  • Please be courteous to other road users

Course Specific Notes

  • Do not cross the center line unless safe to do so.
  • We are on narrow quite roads when often there is no white line. Stay left
  • Riders should not exceed 2 abreast
  • Beware of trucks, tankers and agricultural machinery
  • Be courteous to other road users
  • We RECOMMEND the use of a rear light.

Additional Notes

  • Bathrooms will be available at TBC
    Parking will be available along Finnis Road
  • Visiting riders please return your bib number at the completion of the race or you may be invoiced for a replacement.
  • Thank you to everyone who entered and registered the contact tracing form for marshals and spectators.
  • Please be courteous to all officials. It’s going to be busy. If someone asks you to move off the road, please do so.  
  • If you or one of your supporters are available to volunteer please let us know – We are always thankful to all of our volunteers who enable us to run these events
    Registrations / Timing / Marshals / STMS / First Aid / Lead & SAG Drivers You can help us out by identifying any volunteer roles on this form
    Thank You
  • **If you have been assigned a volunteer role for this event and you can no longer make it – it is your responsibility to find a replacement

Course Notes:

0.00km Starting on Pohangina Road near the Pohangina Methodist Church – Head towards Ashhurst on Pohangina Road
4.2km Turn Left onto Pohangina Valley E Road
5.25km On Pohangina Valley E Road - go over the bridge
17.84km Highland Home Christain Camp – Turn Left onto Churchill Drive
18.91km on Churchill Drive – go over the bridge
19.31km Turn left onto Pohangina Road
Approx 29 – 30km – Finsih on Pohangina Road near the start area

Pohangina Village – Near Finnis Road 

2020 Sponsors V.2

TROPHY for the Essex Cup

Presented to the winner of the handicapped race