Bike Manawatu Track Meeting Results - 23 February 2020 

Here are the results from Sunday's Track Meeting.

Well done to all those riders that competed in the BM Road Champs Sunday morning and then came out and gave it their all at track!
Also to Wilson Hannon who completed his half hour challenge just before the start of the track meeting!!

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Bike Manawatu Track Meeting Results 23.02.2020
Johnston Park Feilding
Race Race Type Rider Number Category Times / Placing  
1 U13 2 Lap Scratch Austin Tunnicliffe 20 U13B 1st  
    Josh Hannon 17 U13B 2nd  
2 U15 2 Lap Scratch Caleb Hamblyn 5 U15B 1st  
    Sophie Peters 11 U15G 2nd  
3 U17 & U19 4 Lap Scratch Lochie Foote 13 U17B 1st  
    Riley Tunnicliffe 91 U17B 2nd  
    Tutarangi Craw 98 U17B 3rd  
    Ashleigh Gunn 87 U19G 4th  
    Harrison Craw 99 U17B 5th  
    Kylah Gunn 86 U17G 6th  
    Georgia Simpson 90 U17G 7th  
    Wilson Hannon 62 U17B 8th  
    Neriah Kaihe-Woolston 68 U17G 9th  
    Nikau Joseph 67 U17B 10th  
    Seth Cousins 96 U17B 11th  
4 Masters 3 Lap H/Cap Torban Foote 56 MM1 1st  
    Andrew Miller 73 MM1 2nd  
    Paul Peters 81 MM2 3rd  
5 1 Lap Time Trial Held Start Austin Tunnicliffe 20 U13B 41.58  
    Josh Hannon 17 U13B 42.57  
    Sophie Peters 11 U15G 38.52  
    Caleb Hamblyn 5 U15B 41.49  
    Riley Tunnicliffe 91 U17B 31.25  
    Tutarangi Craw 98 U17B 31.76  
    Wilson Hannon 62 U17B 33.92  
    Harrison Craw 99 U17B 34.30  
    Ashleigh Gunn 87 U19G 35.08  
    Lochie Foote 13 U17B 35.75  
    Georgia Simpson 90 U17G 35.84  
    Kylah Gunn 86 U17G 36.93  
    Neriah Kaihe-Woolston 68 U17G 37.51  
    Nikau Joseph 67 U17B 37.51  
    Seth Cousins 96 U17B 39.68  
    Andrew Miller 73 MM1 36.09  
    Paul Peters 81 MM2 36.63  
    Torban Foote 56 MM1 37.05  
6 U13 & U15 4 Lap H/Cap Austin Tunnicliffe 20 U13B 1st  
    Caleb Hamblyn 5 U15B 2nd  
    Josh Hannon 17 U13B 3rd  
    Sophie Peters 11 U15G 4th  
7 U17 & U19 8 Lap Points Race Lochie Foote 13 U17B 13 1st
    Harrison Craw 99 U17B 10 2nd
    Tutarangi Craw 98 U17B 4 3rd
    Wilson Hannon 62 U17B 3 4th
    Ashleigh Gunn 87 U19G 15 1st
    Georgia Simpson 90 U17G 9 2nd
    Kylah Gunn 86 U17G 6 3rd
    Neriah Kaihe-Woolston 68 U17G 3 4th
8 Masters 4 Lap Points Race Andrew Miller 73 MM1 7 1st =
    Torban Foote 56 MM1 7 1st =
    Paul Peters 81 MM2 6 2nd
9 U15 6 Lap H/Cap Austin Tunnicliffe 20 U13B 1st  
    Josh Hannon 17 U13B 2nd  
    Sophie Peters 11 U15G 3rd  
    Caleb Hamblyn 5 U15B 4th  
10 U17 & U19 14 Lap H/Cap Riley Tunnicliffe 91 U17B 1st  
    Harrison Craw 99 U17B 2nd  
    Tutarangi Craw 98 U17B 3rd  
    Ashleigh Gunn 87 U19G 4th  
    Lochie Foote 13 U17B 5th  
    Georgia Simpson 90 U17G 6th  
    Kylah Gunn 86 U17G 7th  
    Neriah Kaihe-Woolston 68 U17G 8th  
    Wilson Hannon 62 U17B 9th  
    Seth Cousins 96 U17B 10th  
    Nikau Joseph 67 U17B 11th  
11 Masters 5 Lap H/Cap Torban Foote 56 MM1 1st  
    Paul Peters 81 MM2 2nd  
    Andrew Miller 73 MM1 3rd  

1001 Ride Mountains to Sea to Windmills Ride – 22-23 February 2020

Ask anyone planning a sports event or an outdoor wedding - and they will all tell you that you can plan for almost anything - except the weather. 

A week out from our Ohakune road trip and the forecasts weren’t looking that flash - but we were hoping that with 6-7 days to go, things could improve.

On Friday night the heavens opened in Palmerston North and it was still raining when we met at memorial park to load the bikes in to the Bike Barn van, and the bodies in to the bus to head to Ohakune.  Enroute the weather cleared and we were hopeful of a dry ride. 

We departed our accommodation for a loop around Raetihi and back, where some decided to go back to the accommodation and save their legs for day 2, while 14 or so hardy souls braved the elements and completed the climb through some roadworks up to Turoa ski field - striking some rain on the descent .

After cleaning ourselves up, we had drinks and nibbles at our accommodation before heading to the Powderkeg for dinner and maybe one or two more drinks

We had hoped the rain would pass overnight, but we woke to light rain.  We headed off to Raetihi which was mostly dry, then struck some rain on the road to Pipiriki, before turning on to the River Road.  The rain started to clear along this stretch of road and even though it remained overcast, we were all taken with the stunning views.  We stopped in at Jerusalem and a few other photo spots and the closer we got to Whanganui the more dry road we noticed,  both groups reunited briefly in Whanganui at the lunch stop. 

We then left Whanganui via Durie Hill and Fordell, where we first noticed the blue sky, and headwind.

We soldered on through to Turakina, Marton, Feilding and back home - while we all agreed it was a tough day, it’s one that we all really enjoyed - whether it was for the distance, the views, to ride in some new roads or to just enjoy the organised ride, and group riding experience - a huge thanks to Rob Ryan for organising this event

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Linton Camp Crit – Monday 16th March 2020

Bike Manawatu & NZ Army Combined event - Crit Race
When: Monday 16th March 2020
Sign on from 5.15pm
Race Start 6:00pm

*Please ensure you have sufficient ID when going into the camp

Traffic management will be in place, but this is to warn other road uses that we are there. There is no stop go provided at any junction - the roads are open and riders must obey NZ road rules at ALL times. Please be courteous to other road users

Please pre register online here:

    • Points Race for A - D Grades.
    • A/B Grade 30min + 1 lap w/ 3+last lap being sprint primes
    • C/D Grade 20 min + 1 lap w/ 2+last lap being sprint primes.
    • Anticipated average speeds (for BM riders to self-grade): A: >42 kph / B: 37-42 kph / C: 33-37 kph / D: <33 kph


Info: Please ensure you bring sufficient ID when coming into the camp.
Parking will be by the Linton Camp Pool / SNCO Carpark
LRSC have requested photos to be limited to Race activity ONLY

After the Crit, Army will be having their prize giving at the Elliot VC sports bar (next to the gym). They have extended the offer to all BM riders/supporters to join them for a lemonade afterwards if they’d like. Showers will be available in the gym from those who would like.

Security/Safety Information

A few things you need to be aware of:

  • Whilst on NZDF Property you and your vehicle are subject to search and may be detained by duty military personnel pending NZ Police involvement.
  • Adult participants will be required to show photo ID to enter Camp (No ID - No entry).
  • Vehicles must have a current registration and warrant of fitness (Non Compliance - No Entry).
  • The maximum speed limit in camp is 30Kph.
  • Pedestrians have absolute right of way.
  • At any time you may hear explosions or gunfire – this will be due to controlled military training within the confines of Linton Camp.
  • At any time there may be a high amount of military heavy vehicles moving around Linton Camp.
  • Park only in designated areas - NOT on sports fields or any grassed area.
  • Ensure you become aware of hazard awareness and safety evacuation plans of any facility associated with your visit.
  • Alcohol is only to be consumed within designated bars.
  • There are many areas that are out of bounds to non NZDF personnel. Ensure you remain within your designated venue/area and travel along the appropriate access routes.
  • In accordance with Linton Camp Standing orders, section 6, paragraph 13, ’the use of camera equipment of any type is banned from use within the camp …. Authority is to be obtained from HQ LRSC before any photographs may be taken’. Failure to do so may see removal and/or banning of offenders from Linton Camp.
  • There are regular check points and security checks conducted on outgoing traffic at the Main Gate, this may involve a breath test and / or vehicle search.
  • If you have any concerns the 24hr Duty Complex is situated on Fosters Road at the main entrance to camp.
Up & Coming Events for week ending 28th February 2020

Sat 29th Feb
Rivercity Carnival, Wanganui Track    
Sun 1st March
BikeManawatu Sunday Recreational Ride
Track Meeting / Closing Meeting

Wed 4 March
Wednesday Recreational Ride
BM ITT Please park and sign on at Kairanga School as the horizons yard will be closed off

Thurs 5th March
Vantage Age Group Track National Championships

Fri 6th March
Vantage Age Group Track National Championships

Sat 7th March
Vantage Age Group Track National Championships

Sun 8th March
Vantage Age Group Track National Championships
BikeManawatu Sunday Recreational Ride

Wed 11th March
Wednesday Recreational Ride

Thurs 12th March
Combined BM / NZ Army Event- Kairanga ITT **Note a Thursday***  Please park and sign on at Kairanga School as the horizons yard will be closed off

Sat 14th March
CHB Junior Tour
Taranaki Masters Games
Laskey Cycles Bush Tour

Sun 15th March
CHB Junior Tour
Taranaki Masters Games
Wellington Track - Laykold Cup Carnival
BikeManawatu Sunday Recreational Ride

Mon 16th March
Combined BM / NZ Army Event - Linton Camp – Crit – 6pm

Tues 17th March
Novice Tour Registrations closes 9pm 

Wed 18th March
Wednesday Recreational Ride
BM ITT - Kairanga 12 km Please park and sign on at Kairanga School as the horizons yard will be closed off

Thurs 19th March
BDO Tour Of Northland 2020

Fri 20th March
Novice Tour Registrations – Central Bicycle Studio
BDO Tour Of Northland 2020

Sat 21 March
Novice Tour
BDO Tour Of Northland 2020

Sun 22 March
Novice Tour
BDO Tour Of Northland 2020 
BikeManawatu Sunday Recreational Ride

Wed 25 March
Wednesday Recreational Ride

Sat 28 March 
WCNI Road Race Champs hosted by BM – Halcombe – Register Here 

Sun 29 March 
BikeManawatu Sunday Recreational Ride
BM ITT Champs – Register Here

Mon 31 March 
Bike Manawatu AGM

Palmfeild Motors Mini Series

A friendly reminder: Palmfield Motors Mini Series will be back on the A1 Loops course tomorrow night, Tuesday 25th Feb.

Pre-registrations are open here until 3pm tomorrow. As always late registrations are always welcome however pre registering does help our volunteers out immensely

Race briefing at 5.45pm, racing starts at 6.00pm

Thank You to Rob Ryan and the team at Palmfeild Motors for sponsoring this mini series
*If you have raced the previous two events (11th & 18th Feb) - This race is Free - See info here
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