Levin Cycling Club Track Carnival Flyer 2019

Track Carnival Flyer 2019-1

Wednesday 23rd October 2019 ITT Results

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Tough night on Wednesday. Only 12 riders set PB's from 41. Here are the overall points at the series half way mark. Consistency rules...........No photo description available.

Thank you very much to our volunteers Stephanie Foote, Karen Gunn, Kylie Mulcahy and James Buchanan, we appreciate your time and efforts.

Overall _ Bike Manawatu ITT - 23 Oct 2019 _ Race results _ Webscorer-1Overall _ Bike Manawatu ITT - 23 Oct 2019 _ Race results _ Webscorer-2

First actions course.

On Tuesday 22nd October we hosted our First Actions course run in conjunction with John from Meditrain in Feilding.  
Our attendees learnt some amazing fundamental skills from basic CPR, wound management and scene safety.
The training was delivered in a interactive way that engaged our riders and built up their confidence.
They learnt the following skills and had fun in the process:

  • Practicing placing their friends into the recovery position.
  • Understanding to make sure their mate is safe if they have to leave the scene to go and get help.
  • The fundamentals of CPR – where and how hard they need to press for CPR,  30 compressions and 2 breaths no matter who for
  • The need to apply pressure to wounds and elevate them.
  • They know they can call emergency services off their friends phone even if its locked.
  • They are aware of basic concussion signs.
  • They learnt how to administer an Epi pen the correct way.
  • They all feel more confident in calling 111

As a parent I am left feeling more confident that the riders that participated in this course have practiced all of the basic skills that hopefully they will never be required to do.
I was impressed with the feedback from the juniors as they enjoyed their supper.

on behalf of the Bike Manawatu Track Committee


Road Safety is always a big issue as we approach a national holiday weekend.
With the increase in accidents related to cars carrying bikes, Safelite are keen to keep families safe.  

One of our sponsors “Safelite” have Labour Weekend Road Safety Special and have reduced the cost of their panels to $130.00.
They will return to their normal price of $165 at the end of the Labour weekend.

Head on over to their website to purchase yours today

Safelite logo Feb. 2019-1Safelite

Notice to all trackies…….

Whether you’re a current trackie, a past trackie or even a junior rider that doesn’t yet know they’re a trackie – here is some info for the 2020 season.

● Elite and Under 19 Track Nationals including Omnium 22th – 26th Jan in Cambridge

● Age Group and Master’s Track Nationals 4th – 8th Mar in Invercargill.

To be entered in the NZ Track Nationals you must be a member of a Cycling Club that has an affiliation with the West Coast North Island Cycling Centre and meet some qualifying criteria. You will be riding for the WCNI centre. Selectors for our centre are

● Grant Wilson Taranaki This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

● Dave Hoskin Manawatu This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

● Nick Spark Horowhenua (Convenor) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Selectors will be present at most Club and Centre events to observe riders but more importantly, be available to answer questions, and generally assist with the process. The table below displays the qualifying times for each event and describes the limitations we have in numbers attending etc. This may seem a little confusing right now, but it will become clear as the season progresses. I have listed below bullets points of some important facts/requests.

● It would be helpful if each Club could appoint a single person to be their point of contact for communications etc. (Advise the selectors).

● Club reps should be someone who can actively encourage participation in track riding and selection for Nationals.

● All riders must register their interest as a Nationals contender with the convenor of selectors. See attached.

● All track carnivals and training should be done on your gearing for your 2020 grade. Even if an event is run in 2019, we are targeting selection for 2020 but be sure to study the fine print of events run outside WCNI.

● Selectors will be present at all Club carnivals and WCNI track champs, so it is important that you, as riders, attend these events to get noticed.

● Qualifying time from outside events can be submitting but please let the selectors know where and when you achieved such times. Selectors can only use correctly recorded times from 3 stop watches and which have been signed off by a commissaire or published at events using electronic timing equipment.

It is a little frustrating for all of us that qualifying times are based on riding indoors, so riders are encouraged to attend events at the Cambridge Avantidrome. Waikato Bay of Plenty Centre Champs (held 13th – 15th December 2019) is a good opportunity to hit your times and get some good racing.

Please be reminded that the selectors are motivated to get as many riders as possible to Nationals not chop riders or make it difficult to achieve selection. Any queries, please ask.

Selection Criteria/ Qualification Times

Listed below are the maximum number of riders the Centre can enter per event, together with Time Qualification standards where appropriate.

Selections for the Scratch and Points Race across the Age Groups are not limited but riders will need to demonstrate at the Centre championships that they are at a level of ability to be competitive at the National Championships. Other contested events eg; Keirin, where there are limited spots available will be selected by rider placing at the Centre Track Championships, with the top riders gaining entry sequentially up to the permitted number of places. Qualifying times that are recorded outside of the Centre Championships should be posted within the previous six months and signed off by a Cycling New Zealand official, eg; Commissaire Timed Events – All riders who match the Time Qualification (TQ’s) are permitted entry if selected by their Centre (no limit). If the number of TQ’s exceed the noted number, then no Non-TQ’s are permitted. If the number of TQ’s are less than the noted number, then the remaining places can be filled by non-TQ’s.

Qualifying Criteria 2020



Important Events to attend.

24th Nov Levin Track Carnival incl WCNI Point Race Championship.

6th – 8th Dec UCI World Cup Cambridge

13th – 15th Dec Waikato BOP Centre Championship Cambridge.

11th Jan WCNI Centre Championship. Wanganui

22nd – 26th Jan Elite and Under 19 Track Nationals

Taranaki Track Carnival TBC

16th Feb Laykold Cup Wellington

22th Feb Rivercity Wheel Race, Wanganui

4th – 8th Masters and Age Group and Masters Track Nationals.

Finally, let’s all look forward to a great season of track riding and clubs will be canvassed for their rider’s names and details in due course.

Kind regards,

Nick Spark

Convenor of Selectors

027 485 3632