Manfeild 2011
At the time of writing we have 218 people entered to ride in the challenge as either individuals or part of a team so it is set to be the biggest field in the history of the event.

Remember – It’s not too late to enter!!  Entries available on the day at Manfeild (No EFTPOS sorry).

We have participants coming form all over the lower half of the North Island. The first lap is scheduled for 9am and will be at a pace set by local MP and Patron of Bike Manawatu Ian McKelvie.

A heap of spot prizes are up for grabs this year including a special prize draw for Bike Manawatu members. Included in the prize draws are 2 flights in the Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter.

Forecast for SundayThe weather may be another factor on the day. Currently the forecast is looking dry with light winds, but cold!!!

Tim Neal the Potato Guy will have his Baked Potato cart on site. He is fundraising for Nick Dunne who is competing in the challenge as a solo rider and later this year is competing in the worlds toughest endurance cycle race. RAAM or Race across America. All proceeds from Potato & Hot Soup ” donations “ on the day will go to Nick and towards the estimated $100,000 required to compete in RAAM

Laskeys Manfeild 6 Hour Challenge

Remember that the $10 late fee kicks in at noon on Monday.

So time to finalise those teams and get your entry in!

The working group’s aim has been to deliver a series of presentations to enhance our knowledge of cycling. 

Associate Professor Steve Stannard was the first presenter who discussed nutrition for cycling.

The next event on the calendar for the working group in 2012 is an open invitation to the membership on core strength which is to be delivered by Kim Findlay on the 13 Feb 12 starting at 7pm.  This presentation aims at demonstrating practical exercises that will strengthen your core specifically for cycling.  There is no cost to participate so members are encouraged to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Also in Feb 12, we plan to coordinate another session for those new to the sport, especially school age children and their parents.  We want to tackle issues regarding restrictive gearing, training and riding safely. 

Other opportunities to impart knowledge and advice have also been identified and these will be advertised accordingly.

Number plates not-visable

Many cyclists arriving in Blenheim for the 2012 Grape Ride were stopped and ticketed ($150 fine) for driving with number plates obscured.

Under the law, it is mandatory that your registration plate (and lights) are legible and unobscured day or night. The 2011 regulation allows drivers to obtain supplementary registration plates that can be attached to objects such as bike racks that obscure permanent registration plates.

  1. Follow this link to order duplicate plates for $17.08
  2. DIY solution from KapitiCC member Matt Oliver
  3. $70 Off the shelf solution

Penalty for infringement is $150 however common practice as recently seen over the Graperide weekend is to issue the fine plus 20 demerit points. Note: If you get 100 or more demerit points within two years, you will be suspended from driving for three months.

One BikeManawatu member was let off with a warning because he has a “home made” number plate attached to the bike rack.

Ross Castle will be delivering another bike skills course in January 12. 

The success of this course has been based upon the delivery of two previous courses.  The last one was in the October school holidays where 21 teenagers between ages of 11-15 attended the four day program.

The participants learnt a variety of techniques to improve bike riding/handling (braking, cornering, hills, bunch riding) and increase confidence.  They also gained technical information from highly experienced riders such as Massey University’s Associate Professor Steve Stannard who discusses power delivery; Barry Gilliland who offers his knowledge and skills on wind resistance and friction reduction, and Steve Pedley who talks about tyres and rolling resistance.