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Dear Clubs,

Rider Uniforms for racing and podium appearances.

June 10th this month saw a successful running of the West Coast North Island Individual Time Championship. It was a day of great racing, however it exposed a worsening trend of disregard of the correct apparel while competing and presenting to the podium.

Page 4 of the handbook published with the registration request read as follows;

Riders Apparel

  1. Riders must only wear their approved Club jerseys and shorts. Shorts may only display sponsors that are detailed on the riders racing licence.
  2. Members of a UCI International Trade Team or a registered NZ Domestic Trade Team, riding as an individual and are permitted to wear their team shorts only. Must wear their Club Jersey.
  3. Non-club riders must wear suitable clothing.

The Race Director and the Chief Commissaire of the day discussed this at length and it was decided that rather fine clubs of offending riders that a “stern” message would be delivered prior to prize giving along with an explanation of what kit is worn when. i.e. a WCNI event you are representing your club, so club kit is required, riding at a Schools event, your school kit required etc.

While generally most, but not all riders presented to the podium in the correct kit, it was extremely disappointing to see some riders present in track pants and a hoody with their skin suit partially removed with the sleeves tied together and hanging out from under the hoody. This shows a blatant disregard of the privilege of representing a club and wearing the club uniform.

The penalty as detailed by Section 3.2 of Appendix 1 – CNZ Guidelines for Imposing Sanctions in Competition of the CNZ Road and Track Technical Regulations under which the event is run, is a fine of $30 directed to the club of the offending rider.

WCNI will be adopting a firm line on this matter and Clubs are urged to address offending, right down to minor events to engrain the correct culture among their members.

Look forward to seeing an improvement at future events.

Kind regards,


Here's the results from the Rongotea TTT, held on Sunday 24th June 2018

Thanks again to those that put their hand up and volunteered. We simply cant run these event without you and its appreciated. Special thanks to the traffic team - Rongotea is a tough course to set up and it was an early start for them.
Also Bernie and the timing team. Results are always available much quicker when he is around!!!

Bike Manawatu Schools Cycling

Rongotea TTT Results


Place Name Adjusted Time
1 PNBHS Snr A 25:05.5
2 PNBHS Snr B 25:50.3
3 PNBHS Jnr A 26:34.3
4 Lone Star 27:11.4
5 Nigl Doyle &Gavin Eade 28:13.5
6 Kyle Hoskin 28:40.6
7 PNBHS Jnr B 28:46.4
8 PNBHS Jnr C 29:38.3
9 Grant Haggett & Steve Nagy Team 30:09.2
10 PNBHS Jnr E 30:30.1
11 PNGHS Jnr A 32:12.0
12 PNBHS Jnr D 32:42.4
13 Logan Hoskin 34:09.7
14 Riley Tunnicliffe 34:15.1
15 PNINS Boys A 34:20.0
16 PNBHS Snr C 34:30.1
17 Loachie Foote, Tyler Mumby, Ashleigh Gunn 34:55.6
18 PNINS Boys B 35:03.2
19 PNGHS Jnr B 35:52.3
20 Huntley Black 36:49.4
21 PNGHS Snr 37:45.9
22 PNINS Boys C 37:46.7
23 PNINS Girls A 39:02.3
24 Huntley Red 40:59.9
25 PNINS Girls B 41:10.3
26 PNGHS Jnr C 41:20.6
27 Clarke 2Up 43:10.7
28 Huntley Gold 45:58.5
29 PNINS Mixed D 2 Up 46:26.7
30 Lucas Bowen 47:48.3
31 Leo Murray 50:39.7
32 PNINS Mixed E 50:50.0
33 Ella Gordon DNF
34 Jorja Nicho DNS


On behalf of Bike Manawatu we wish to welcome our recent 2018 membership joiners

  • Lincoln Jones
  • Roy Todd
  • Paul Cole
  • Hiroyuki Nishu
  • Dean Wade
  • Gary King
  • Rob Ryan

We thank you for your membership.

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