In a post COVID-19 world (or covert 19 if you’re Garry), we were hoping for all the postponed events from earlier this year to take place this spring - as well as the date marked on every cyclist’s calendar - Taupo, which it seems is now off too. 

Luckily Garry Buys from EVO cycles had planned another one of his popular 3 day big easy’s for early September.  This time it was a trip to the Wairarapa with a promised wine tour on day 2 - we’ll get to the wine tour bit later

Saturday saw us depart in 2 groups from the EVO Cycles car park nice and early and travel over to Alfredton via the Pahiatua track, Mangamaire and Rongomai.  Group 1 had a support vehicle driven by local cyclist Gavin York and group 2 were supported by Adrienne Portch’s partner Craig - both did an amazing job all weekend, and we really appreciate their support.

We were met in the Alfredton hall car park by Jenny Bull in Bullie’s campervan with piping hot tea, coffee and morning tea with cakes from Carol Webb, Alice Bailey, Adrienne Portch and other cyclists wives/partners etc

From there we travelled on at a much faster pace to our lunch stop in Masterton where we were again met by Jenny in the campervan - and both groups met for a brief catch up before departing to Martinborough via the scenic route - this, I have to say was spectacular - personally, I have ridden and raced on a lot of roads throughout NZ, including a lot of racing in the Wairarapa - but this one is up there among the best - if you get the chance to ride it - do so - everyone in our group loved it - it’s a truly stunning piece of road with amazing views

Once we arrived at our accommodation we showered, got washing done and enjoyed a drink or 2 before heading off to our evening meal

It was at the evening meal that Garry revealed the 2 routes for Sunday - route 1 was a spirited ride around the lake Wairarapa circuit before joining everyone at Columbo

vineyard - route 2 was a 50 km ride joining group 1 at Columbo - somehow Garry forgot about the promised wine tour - but luckily Alice hadn’t - and came up with a route for those that wanted a more leisurely ride.  both drivers had the day off - Gavin rode in garry’s 50 km group, and Craig did the shorter wine trail ride

Day 3, we all knew the forecast wasn’t fantastic - but one of the things you can’t plan for is the weather - there were high winds and rain forecast.  We set off for home, after no mechanicals all weekend in group 1, we had a puncture coming in to Masterton - after a quick wheel change we were back on the road, but not before Garry’s ‘desert camel’s’ overtook us. Both groups met up at Mount Bruce for an early lunch and as we arrived later, group 1 got roped in to being a part of a challenge for Te Wiki o te Reo Maori which was a lot of fun.  Once we left mount Bruce, the wind had really made its presence known.

The ride back to palmy was definitely very challenging, so challenging that Colin Anderson managed to destroy his rear derailleur between Eketahuna and the Mangamaire turn off.  Luckily, with the support van there, he could jump in and finish the trip off with some heating - as well as left over cake.

All riders met at the coachman in Palmerston North for a post ride drink, and chips - it was here that Garry announced the new branding for group 2 - no longer the turtles, they are just the desert camels and unbeknown to group 1, day 3 was an unofficial race - which the desert camels won, as they had managed to get 2 rounds in before group 1 arrived

Garry’s big easy’s are always a great experience - the riding, the routes, the company and the food and drink - his next one is going to be 4 days, and is planned for 26th February -1st March - Garry’s 4 day Euro style big easy is  heading to Napier, then across to Taupo, then via National Park to Ohakune then back to palmy on the final day.

Supported by Evo Cycles for only $389 if you want to be a part of it, make sure you contact Garry at Evo Cycles.



Bike Manawatu Proudly Presents

The Masters Women’s & Men’s Overall Championship


It is with great anticipation & excitement that we announce the re-establishment of one of the most coveted cycling prizes for Masters Women & Men riders, in the Manawatu.

Donated by Mr. Ian Gray, these beautifully created, & maintained trophies were first presented in 1999. Past winners such as, Nicola Wallace, Deb Cuff, Catriona Pirie, & Glenys Taylor in the women’s, & Roger Nevatt, Marcel Hollenstein & “The Racing Grandad From Rangiwahia” Bob Wakelin in the men’s.

The championship consists of four different disciplines, 2 Road Events, & 2 Track Events. A specific & detailed handicap system will be administered in relation to each riders age category. This is to allow for all competitors to have a fair chance of racing. It is also designed to encourage masters riders of all abilities & ages to “Have a Go”

Our “Master Riders” are a group of incredibly talented, supportive & greatly appreciated members of the Bike Manawatu community & beyond. Resurrecting the Overall Women’s & Men’s Masters Championship, is a special way of saying “Thank You” to our masters, who give so much to cycling in the Manawatu.


Register for the OVERALL MASTERS Championship HERE (This is just registering yourself in the series, then you must register for each individual event accordingly)
18 October 2020 - Hill Climb - Register Here
21 October 2020 - ITT - Register Here 
14 November 2020 - Both Track Events - Registration to follow

Bike Manawatu - Masters Age Grade Championship
Rules & Guidelines

What is it & Who is it for?     


Non-competitive Bike Manawatu Masters age cyclists are targeted and invited to enter Masters age events over the 2020 – 2021 season.
The events are open to all Club members, female and male, 35 years of age to 90 plus, there is no age limit and no experience in racing is necessary.
No upper age limit applies and no experience in racing is necessary.  

Planning is taking place to run 4 x events over 3 separate days, these events are:

  • Hill Climb 3.3km Forest Hill Road, Aokautere. – 18/10/20
  • Track Sprint, 200 metres Feilding Velodrome.- 14/11/20
  • Track Individual Pursuit, 2000 metres Feilding Velodrome (5 x laps). 14/11/20
  • Individual Time Trial, 12km Kairanga ITT 21/10/20, rain date 28/10/20

Please do not feel hesitant as these events are all ridden individually, previous experience in riding with other cyclists or racing is not necessary, you only need to ride to your own standard.

The Time Trial and Hill Climb will be held in conjunction with other Bike Manawatu competitive events on separate days.
Both track events will be held on the during our track season on Saturday 14th November, involving 2 – 3 hours.
Road bikes will be acceptable for these track events.
Each event has rules and entry fees which are applicable.

For entering these events you will be eligible to contest the Bike Manawatu Overall Masters Championships, female and male separate, which use a handicap system according to a cyclists age.

Age Group Categories
35 – 39 years (Masters 1 / Category 1)
40 – 44 years (Masters 2 / Category 2)
45 – 49 years (Masters 3 / Category 3)
50 – 54 years (Masters 4 / Category 4)
55 – 59 years (Masters 5 / Category 5)
60 – 64 years (Masters 6 / Category 6)
65 – 69 years (Masters 7 / Category 7)
70 – 74 years (Masters 8 / Category8)
75 – 79 years (Masters 9 / Category 9)
80 – 84 years (Masters 10 / Category 10) etc.

Age for Championship
Competitors age for racing is applicable for the calendar year and is the age the competitor becomes on her/his birthday in that year, e.g. if she/he turns 45 on 20th July for competition purpose she/he will be entered in 45 – 49 (Cat 3).

Events (all events are individual and raced against the clock)

  1. Track Sprint Time Trial 200m (TS)
  2. Track Individual Pursuit 2000m (IP)
  3. Hill Climb Forrest Hill Road (Historically Saddle Road 5km) (HC)
  4. Individual Time Trial 12km ITT (Historically 20 km*)

Championship Determination
In each contested age group the champion plus 2nd and 3rd positions will be recognised, results will available for all competitors. Points are awarded based on the fastest time for each age group in each event. Each age group champion and other positions are determined by the accumulation of points over the 4 events, the champion will have the most points.

Points for Age Championships

Maximum points awarded to the fastest time in each age category –

  1. Track Sprint                      50 points
  2. Individual Pursuit              50 points
  3. Hill Climb                          200 points
  4. ITT                                    300 points

Calculation of Points

Points are calculated for every competitor in age groups for women and men. Points awarded are directly proportional to the fastest competitor in the same age category.

The mechanism of points calculation is simple and explained as follows:

  • The fastest competitor in each age group and event will be awarded maximum points.
  • Slower competitors points in the same event will be calculated using:

Fastest Competitor Time x maximum points for event = Points (for slower competitor)

Slower Competitor Time

  • For each event points will be rounded to the nearest whole point. Calculated decimal points : 0.00 to 0.50 will be rounded down to the whole number before the decimal point; above 0.50 to 0.99 will be rounded up to the next whole number above the whole number prior to the decimal point.

E.g. ITT calculation:

Fastest Time 30mins.00secs. x 300 points = 285.71. Rounded to 286 points.

Slower Time 31mins.30 secs

The Gravel and Tar is back, bigger and better!

This is a quick ‘heads up’ to let you know that the Gravel and Tar is back for its sixth year – and it’s on the Wellington Anniversary Weekend, Saturday 23rd January 2021.
For this edition, the Greasy Chain Charitable Trust is organising an entire weekend of cycling-related activities and events; the Manawatū Cycling Spree. To whet your appetite, the Manawatū Cycling Spree will include:

  • A Criterium (known as a ‘Crit’) will run on Friday afternoon/early evening (22nd Jan). It will be run around the Railway Reserve, Palmerston North focusing on junior cyclists. During this time, there’ll also be a Mountain Bike event on the Reserve, so a lot to see in one place!
  • Saturday 23rd sees Feilding welcome riders at the start of the professional men’s and women’s Gravel and Tar events, plus the amateurs in the Westpac Slicks and Stones. The Westpac Slicks and Stones in addition to the 100km category, is breaking new ground in 2021 with a “Lite” version of 46kms. Plus, there’s an e-bike division covering 46kms!
  • A Family Fun Ride takes place on Saturday morning along the Manawatū Riverbank cycleway from Linton to Memorial Park where Palmerston North City Council will host riders, spectators and the community in a music and food festival; “Over the Line”!
  • Further cycling activities on Sunday 24th – first up will be a Retro Ride (antique bikes and perhaps even antique cyclists) through the city of Palmerston North, finishing with a celebration in George Street and the launch of a new book on the history of cycling by well-known local cyclist and author, Ian Gray. The Manawatū Mountain Bike Club will hold their annual Arapuke Mountain Bike Challenge, and then in another first for the Manawatū, the Nieuw Normal Mountain Bike Extreme exhibition takes place at the newly developed Greens Estate, Freeride/Slopestyle Training Compound.

The Manawatū Cycling Spree promises to be a great weekend for everyone, so please spread the word.
We can be found on Facebook and Instagram (please feel free to tag us, share, comment and like our content). We also have our website up and running for further details, check us out here!  
We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our many sponsors – whether you or your organisation has been helping us from the start, or you’re newly connected, your support has enabled the Greasy Chain Charitable Trust to achieve some great results for the Manawatū community, so thank you very much.
Planning is in full swing, with an excited board and an enthusiastic group of volunteers. If you want to get involved, please get in touch with us.
Bring on January 23rd – we can’t wait!
Kind regards,
Bob Selden
Chair, Greasy Chain Charitable Trust

PS: For cyclists, entries for the Slicks and Stones open tomorrow - Saturday 26th September with a 48 hour Flash Sale.

Up & Coming Events for week ending 2nd October 2020

Please keep an eye on our Facebook page and events registrations for updates on postponements and cancellations

Friday 2nd October
Yunca Junior Tour of Southland 2020

Saturday 3rd October
Yunca Junior Tour of Southland 2020
Track - Bike Hire & Fit Day 2-4pm Feilding Velodrome

Sunday 4th October
Yunca Junior Tour of Southland 2020
Trust House 2
BikeManawatu Sunday Recreational Ride
Track - Have a Go Day 2-4pm Feilding Velodrome

Tuesday 6th October
Schools National Track Championships, Invercargill

Wednesday 7th October
Schools National Track Championships, Invercargill
Kairanga ITTRegister Here
Wednesday Recreational Ride

Thursday 8th October 2020
Track - Bike Hire & Fit Day   2-4pm Feilding Velodrome

Saturday 10th October 2020
Wonder Women on Wheels 10am - 12pm Feilding Velodrome

Sunday 11th October
BikeManawatu Sunday Recreational Ride
Track Orientation Day 1   2-4pm Feilding Velodrome

Wednesday 14th October
Kairanga ITTRegister Here
Wednesday Recreational Ride

Saturday 17th October 2020
Masters Track Workshop 1 11am - 2pm Feilding Velodrome
Track Orientation Day 2   2-4pm Feilding Velodrome

Sunday 18th October
Dynamo Race 2 - Tokoroa
Bike Manawatu Hill Climb Champs – Click Here to Register
BikeManawatu Sunday Recreational Ride
Track Orientation Day 3   2-4pm Feilding Velodrome

Wednesday 21st October 2020

Kairanga ITTRegister Here
Wednesday Recreational Ride
Saturday 24th October 2020
Masters Track Workshop 2   11am - 2pm Feilding Velodrome
Sunday 25th October 2020
CNP Round the Mountain
BikeManawatu Sunday Recreational Ride
Opening Day Track Meet & 2019/2020 Season Prize Giving  12pm - 6pm Feilding Velodrome

Wednesday 28th October
Kairanga ITTRegister Here
Wednesday Recreational Ride

Thursday 29th October
Track Meeting  6-8pm Feilding Velodrome

Friday 30th October
Novice Tour Registrations

Other Important Dates
Saturday 31st October
Novice Tour 2020  Click Here to register

Sunday 1st November
Novice Tour 2020 - Click Here to register

31 Oct 1 Nov - Novice Tour 2020 (1)

2020 Sponsors V.2
Other Dates Coming Up:
Manfeild Points Races

Thank you to all of our Bike Manawatu Sponsors, Grant Funders and Volunteers – We appreciate you all
Together Everyone Achieves More

Calling all volunteers...

We have our Novice Tour of Manawatu event is back on the calendar and as you may have seen we are super proud to be part of the National Road Series.

In preparation for this event we are looking for some amazing volunteers to help us run another successful event
If you are available and interested in helping us out, please fill in this form.
Saturday 31st October & Sunday 1st November 2020
Volunteers are the heart of our community, we appreciate you all. Thank You


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Calling all volunteers...

We have our Novice Tour of Manawatu event is back on the calendar and as you may have seen we are super proud to be part of the National Road Series.

In preparation for this event we are looking for some amazing volunteers to help us run another successful event
If you are available and interested in helping us out, please fill in this form.
Saturday 31st October & Sunday 1st November 2020
Volunteers are the heart of our community, we appreciate you all. Thank You