Calling all Recreational Cyclists!

I am making contact on behalf of a group of horse riders based in Ashhurst.
We are trying to get better riding access in and around Ashhurst township and beyond, and we thought it could be useful to contact local cyclists so that we could add weight to the request for a recreational pathway beside the proposed SH3 over the hill to Woodville.
As horse riders we have sent in our submissions to NZTA regarding the pathway. It appears that numbers carry weight with NZTA. If, in your dealings with them, you wish to include us as another interest-group who would be keen to use such a pathway, then please do so.
Another request directed at NZTA is to provide an alternative to the rail overbridge into Ashhurst for non-vehicular traffic. Currently, walkers, riders and cyclists all share the narrow pavements at either side of the bridge, which can be inconvenient and unsafe. Extending Pembroke Street across the rail cutting to the Ashhurst Domain seems an obvious choice to site a new bridge for non-motorised traffic. As there will be no Ashhurst bypass and the new State Highway is at least 6-7 years away, we would like to see a safe alternative created in the near future. If you have an Ashhurst representative, we would be happy to have a chat and see how we might help each other.

There is also a Message group entitled Ashhurst Recreational Riding Corridor, set up by Arthur Yeo for local horse riders, if anyone is interested to look.
Thank you!
Sam McIver

Merry Christmas from Bike Manawatu

On behalf of Bike Manawatu we would like to wish you a safe and happy Christmas to you and your whanau. 
We'd also like to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of our amazing volunteers & sponsors over the past 12 months, we really treasure your support to our club.

May your holidays be filled with happiness and good cheer! 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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Christmas Track Meeting 16.12.2018

Please find the results for Sunday's track meeting. Congratulations to one of our many "Rising Stars" Kylah Gunn for being awarded the Merida track bike for being our Best Novice rider this season. Special mention to Mr Ian Grayfor his unheralded continuous support of our junior riders & track cycling in the Manawatu. In total 3 existing records were broken, as well as 4 new records being set. Harrison Craw's herculean ride of 3.04.08 to set an Under 13 Boys 2000 individual pursuit record was of epic proportions. Big hugs & high fives to all our awesome helpers, thank you Peter Gunn for feeding the masses & Regan Bang for coming out to ride with us. Last but not least we have selected 2 "Riders of the Day" They are Harrison Craw & Lochie Foote, for their incredible efforts & results yesterday. Kind regards to you all


Proposed 24 Hour Track Record Attempt Feilding Velodrome

Mr Peter Eade who lives in Hollywood, California, wishes to set a 24 hour record distance in the 76 years plus category, under the auspices of “UMCA” The Ultra Marathon Cycle Association of America.
He proposes to make this attempt on Easter Saturday, 20th April, 2019.
Peter is looking for assistants to help as officials for his record attempt. If you can give any time for an hour, upwards, this would be totally appreciated. Please reply to this post if you are available
Peter is originally from the Manawatu & in 1955-1957, he raced both road & track for the Palmerston North Amateur Road Cycling Club (See picture)


This picture is of novice riders lining up to start the ¼ Mile race at Memorial Park Velodrome in Palmerston North. Peter Eade is pictured 2nd from right being held by “Chum” Bloomfield. The Rider 3rd from right is being held by Alf Ganderton, who in 1959 won the New Zealand 100 Mile Amateur Road Race title in Auckland.
Today, Alf still lives in Main Street, opposite Countdown. Alf is also the uncle of our very own  super Talented Megan Blatchford

Please click here for link to the poster

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