BM Race 7 - Essex Cup 7 Dec 19 (1)

Next weekend we have our Essex Cup on Saturday 7th December on our Pohangina circuit
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Start & Meet & Finish at the Pohangina Village (Bike Manawatu Timing Van)

Saturday 7th December 2019
Sign on 2pm
Race Brief at 2.30pm
Race Start at 2.45pm
Course – Pohangina – towards Ashhurst – Left onto Pohangina Valley East - Highland home – Churchill Road – Gravel section – Pohangina
1 lap – approx 30km

Please pre register HERE

Please remember to bring your numbers you have been issued for the season.

Thank you, see you there

Bike Manawatu Trophies are now due back please

Its nearing the end of the year and things start getting super busy for everyone.
I am now looking to retrieve all of our club trophies please so we can have them accounted for and ready for next years prize giving.
If you received a Bike Manawatu Trophy at our club prize giving this year we kindly ask if you could please either bring these along to any up and coming races (December ITT’s or Essex Cup) and pop it in the timing van / hand it to a board member when you see them or drop it into Sport Manawatu attention Keryn – 47 Queen Street, Palmerston North
Alternatively Steph Foote has kindly offered to be a point of contact for drop offs also - Thanks Steph :) 

Also If you still have one of our Manfeild 6 Hour Cycle Challenge Trophies, please also return these as we still need to have your names engraved. 

Thank you very much for your help and we look forward to seeing you all at our up coming races.
Appreciate it.

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Great conditions on the track today enabled riders to produce some excellent distances ridden.
U17 rider Tyler Mumby produced the best ride of the day averaging, 38 .98 km / h. Congratulations Tyler!
U13 boys Austin Tunnicliffe 19laps+370m .total distance 7992.2 meters. 31 .97km/h average speed.
U15 girls Cate Claasen 20laps +220m. TD 82234.4 m . Average speed (AS ). 32.89km/h.
U15 boys .... .. ........ Andy Richardson 22 laps+275m TD 9100.7 m AS 36.41km /h.
Sam Claasen 21 laps +117 m. TD8424.6m AS 34/17km / h
Nathan Drury 20 laps +350 m. TD 8373.4 m. AS 33.49 km/ h.
Jack Kearney 19 laps. + 375m TD8322m. AS. 33.29 km / h. U17 boys.
Tyler Mumby 24laps+120 m. TD 9748.1 m. AS 38.99. km/ h.
Ben Perch(road bike) 22laps. +370m. TD 9195.7m. AS 36.78 km/h.

Men & master's men.
Rob Petch (road bike ). 22 laps+140m. TD 8965.7m. AS 35.86km / h.
Andrew Miller. 22 laps TD 8825.7m. AS. 35.30km/h.
Karl Dickinson. 21 laps +240m. TD 8654.6 m. AS 34. 65 km/ h.
Aaron Claasen 20 laps + 375m. TD 8398.4 m. AS 33.59km/ h. ...
Chris Higgie 19 laps. +300m. TD7922.2m. AS 31.68 km/h. ..
Sam Richardson 19 laps +240 m. TD 7862.2 m. AS. 31.45 km/ h.

Masters women Laura Richardson 18 laps+275 m. TD 7221.1m. AS. 29.98 km/ h.

Well done all riders !!!! .... Ian Gray.

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Good Afternoon All,

Our riders really tuned things up today whilst competing at the annual WCNI Levin Track Carnival. They all rode with passion, heart, fearlessness, & pride. So wonderful watching our novice riders right through to our elites really giving it heaps today. Especially impressed with their attitude towards officials, judges & organisers, very commendable indeed. As the saying goes "Do the Mahi, Get the Treats" well, we were all treated today. Thank you to mum's, dads, & supporters for being there, you are all so very much appreciated.
Kind regards
Karena Kaihe-Woolston
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Today's meeting was made even more special, when local speedster & record breaker, Angus Claasen ticked off another track record by beating Jordan Castles U19M 500M Held Start Record of 35.90, setting a new record of 35.43. Such commitment, dedication & focus is incredible to experience. Congratulations Angus, on an awesome ride today mate, we are all so very proud of you

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Photo Credit: Karena Kaihe-Woolston of Re Cycle Photography

Bike Manawatu Race Meeting Sunday 17th November, 2019 (Rained Out)
To View Results online please click Here
To View ALL Results online from the season please click here
Bike Manawatu Track Meeting 17.11.2019 (Rained Out)
Johnston Park Feilding
Race Race Type Rider Number Category Placing / Time  
1 U13 B&G 4 Lap ROW Austin Tunnicliffe 20 U13B 1  
    Ben Murphy 19 U13B 2  
    Josh Hannon 17 U13B 3  
    Briar Higgie 18 U13G 1  
2 U15 B&G 7 Lap ROW Jesse Coxon 1 U15G 1  
    Sophie Peters 11 U15G 2  
    Logan Mulcahy 6 U15B 1  
    Caleb Hamblyn 5 U15B 2  
    Nathan Drury 16 U15B 3  
    Sam Classen 14 U15B 4  
    Jack Kearney 7 U15B 5  
    Cate Classen 10 U15G 3  
3 U17 & U19W 5 Lap H/C Ashleigh Gunn 59 U19W 1  
    Kylah Gunn 95 U17W 1 *
    Neriah Kaihe-Woolston 68 U17W 2  
    Jess Lloyd 9 U17W 3  
    Sophie Ellis 58 U19W 2  
    Marcayla Winterburn 93 U19W 3  
4 U17 & Elite M "Miss & Out" Dylan Simpson 2 Elite M 1  
    Harrison Craw 99 U17M 1 *
    Lochie Foote 13 U17M 2  
    Wilson Hannon 62 U17M 3  
5 MM 4 Lap H/C Aaron Classen 10 MM2 1  
    Torban Foote 56 MM1 1  
    Edward Craw 33 MM1 2  
    Chris Higgie 66 MM2 2  
    Paul Peters 81 MM2 3  
6 MW 3 Lap H/C Jessica Hamilton 61 WM1 1  
    Jo Coxon 26 WM2 1  
    Sarah Tunnicliffe 69 SW 1

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Photos credit  thanks to Karena Kaihe-Woolston :