Bike Manawatu’s Sunday Zwift Race – 29 March 2020

Well, it turns out 2 hours on a trainer is a really long time.
Today was our inaugural Bike Manawatu virtual Sunday ride and we had 29 of us along, which I think is a great number.
I’m keen to set up rides on a Tuesday and Thursday evening and each Sunday morning through the lockdown to help keep us all connected - can you place feedback below of what sort of time you are interested in riding for - 1 hour, 1.25, 1.5, 1.45 or 2 hours, and if you have a favourite course or route, let me know as I’d like to change the route each time.
And if anyone wants to join us, search for Michelle Turner in Zwift, and follow me, as I can only invite followers along.

Zwift 29 March 2020