Website Stats

Website StatsWebsite StatsThe number of people visiting our club website continues to grow.

This month we had over 2000 people surf up our website with an average of 2.5 visits each.

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More visible news…

Club News DisplayClub News DisplayI’ve been thinking for a while that the club news articles are a bit hidden.  So I decided to look for a “News display” module. 

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Cyclists, found anything interesting on the web lately?

Any interesting web articles?Any interesting web articles?
Hi BikeManawatu readers.  Found any interesting cycling related content on the internet lately?  If you have, send me a link at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I’ll post it to our site so that others can share.

Including PDF files in website articles.

Recently some of the contributors to the website have been asking to include PDF files in the articles they write.

PDFs are a great way to store non-editable records, such as event results or meeting minutes.

You might know I’m a big fan of Windows Live Writer (WLW) for making postings to the site easy…  I’ve found a plugin that lets you attach a PDF to your article.


To add this plugin to your WLW, go to and download an install the plugin.

To add a PDF file choose Insert>Insert File Plugin and use the dialogue box to choose your file.


When finished, publish the post in the normal way!

Publishing the documents this way means the PDFs are stored on our website and should prevent any sharing or security issues.



New - Photo Gallery

 Photo GalleryPhoto Gallery
Kirsty Kaihau has been taking some great photos, and she suggested we have a “Photo Gallery” section on the website.

So I’ve added a new Section where we can put galleries of photos.  Try viewing the photos full screen by clicking the little arrow in the bottom right corner!

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