Please consider other riders when riding in a group for a Sunday bunch ride

I recently received an email (Below) from a fellow rider that needs to be brought to your attention if you are a Sunday rider.

I also am not a strong rider and have days when I absolutely fall to the back and struggle to keep up. If we are not willing to help other riders, whether it is because they are newer or just need to take it a bit slower. ride with them and help them out. That way they will come back and will feel part of the club. If we don’t do this we will have a falling membership as we will not be as inclusive as we like to think we are.

“ I have lost count of how many times when riding in a Sunday group that I have dropped back to help a rider who is struggling e.g. tired, cramp, expecting the group to slow down and wait for us to catch-up, but for the group to continue on at their usual speed and leave us to our own devices. I am constantly amazed at how selfish riders are in such cases and only look out for themselves. I have said to myself on numerous occasions that I need to be more selfish so that my riding doesn’t suffer but I can not and will not, leave a rider to suffer. 
Bike Manawatu has plenty of riders who are stronger and fitter than I am, but it is a shame that I and only a handful of others seem to be the ones willing to help the slower less experienced riders continue on and get home. This is something that I believe needs addressing and outlined again before sending riders off in their groups. It needs to be said by someone in authority, someone who has the respect from fellow riders and from someone who can speak in a manner that leaves everyone fully aware of what the expectation is i.e. look after each other. Stronger riders I believe are the ones that should be dropping back to help the weaker ones, not riders like me who are average riders. These riders can take turns at being the helper.
I will continue to help my fellow riders, but it would be great if others helped too.”


So come on guys lets make a concerted effort that next time when you go out from Memorial park that you ride with courtesy and care for your fellow riders.