‘the heart of NZ cycling’‘the heart of NZ cycling’


It is my privilege once again to deliver the Bike Manawatu Chairman’s Report. I am pleased to report that the club despite a few hiccups remains strong and your Board remains committed to the Vision to be “the heart of New Zealand cycling”.

That Vision will remain a challenge if cycling continues to grow in popularity nationwide and as other regions are starting to get their respective cycling acts together. However, I firmly believe however that Bike Manawatu continues to set the standard that others look to. The challenge is to keep leading the way across all sectors.

It is always important to reflect on what we have done well and what we can improve on. Let’s firstly reflect on our successes. I wonder how many clubs in New Zealand can count two medal winning Olympians on their membership list?

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Please consider other riders when riding in a group for a Sunday bunch ride

I recently received an email (Below) from a fellow rider that needs to be brought to your attention if you are a Sunday rider.

I also am not a strong rider and have days when I absolutely fall to the back and struggle to keep up. If we are not willing to help other riders, whether it is because they are newer or just need to take it a bit slower. ride with them and help them out. That way they will come back and will feel part of the club. If we don’t do this we will have a falling membership as we will not be as inclusive as we like to think we are.

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Volunteers wanted

Hi allFingers crossed

We need to get a list of people that are able to help with various jobs from time to time.

So if you are able to help out occasionally can you please let me know so I can put your name on a list.Pointing up

As someone mentioned to me not so long ago, one day they see me riding, the next I am marking quiz papers, then I am in the kitchen dishing up soup for the Brass Monkey ride. There is always plenty to be done. This is a great way to keep involved in your club even if you don’t ride a bike “all the time”

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Are you passionate enough about cycling?

opinionopinionThe Cycle Investigation Working Party that has been set up by PNCC to investigate the rationale and implications for the Council in realigning policies and resources to support the vision “Manawatu the best place to ride a bike”. At a recent meeting of the working party the number of recreational cyclists in the Manawatu was discussed. Whether you consider your self to be a pure recreational cyclist or not is subject to opinion, but if you ride your bike in the weekends either racing or to a cafe with a bunch of friends you are more than likely a recreational cyclist.

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