AGM wrap up

Last Thursday , at the Marist Clubrooms Bike Manawatu held it’s first AGM. There was a very good turnout and the feeling from those present was one of positivity and good progress being  made on several fronts. Importantly , two new Board members were elected form the three nominations made. Oiroa Kaihau and Andrew Ward are now elected Board members and we look forward to their contribution going forward. Mike Christie missed selection by a narrow margin. Mike has already thrown himself into one of our ‘ working groups’. Thanks for that Mike.

Good luck for all of our members riding the club nationals  today, tomorrow and the weekend. We have a record level of entries across all categories. Thanks also to those who have put up their hand to act as ‘ manager” on the various days of competition.

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It is with much pleasure that I bring you the first Chairman’s Report for Bike Manawatu.

Since our inauguration, the Board of Bike Manawatu has worked constructively in bringing the original three founding clubs into a cohesive, progressive and more powerful entity representing cyclists in our region, providing services to our members and continuing to develop the sport with the overarching vision “to grow cycling in the Manawatu”.

There are many achievements and milestones to list. Some of the more important achievements over the first four months include:

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Board Update

Subsequent to our last Board meeting I have regretfully received resignation letters from Malcolm Rees and Stuart Doidge.

Malcolm and Stuart have indicated that they cannot work within the protocols set down by the Board, but have wished the Board well in it’s endeavours to “Grow cycling in the Manawatu”.

That Vision remains firmly in place for the Board and we continue to work positively and constructively towards that goal. Lot’s is happening and there is a lot more planned for all our membership, which happily continues to grow and grow. We are now well over the 200 mark. Keep spreading the good word.

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Board Nominations

As you will aware, the first AGM is looming and we have two board vacancies. Given the ‘closeness’ of the AGM, and rather than co-opting in this instance, the Board is looking for nominations from the membership to fill the gap. The strong preference is for members from the recreational set in keeping with the spirit of the original amalgamation. More importantly we are looking for potential board members who share the vision “to grow cycling in the Manawatu”.

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SPARC visit to our Cycling Centre of Excellence site.

Last Thursday we had our much anticipated visit from the SPARC team (7) which also included BikeNZ staff. They visited the Massey Campus, including all the key sporting facilities that Massey can offer, culminating in an inspection of the SRI building and accommodation. Our team then presented an overview of the various attributes of the bid . Addresses were also made by the Vice Chancellor Mr Steve Maharey and the PNCC Mayor , Mr Jono Naylor. We then answered the specific queries flagged by SPARC that arose from the initial tender document.

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