Tour de Manawatu 2008

The club had an excellent turnout for the 2008 Tour de Manawatu.

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HIGGINS 6 hour Team Cycle Challenge–Results & Photos

The Higgins 6Hr Event was a great success. There was lots of good feedback to the organisers. Even the weather played the game (almost).

Here are results and photos from the Manfeild event on Sunday...

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Kapiti Cycle Challenge 2009

Some of you may have heard of this new event which received some publicity in the Spoke n Word.

I found out from Vaughan Hunt who encouraged a group of us to enter. We duly entered and then Vaughan skived off to South Africa for rest and recreation.

The event starts in Waikanae, travels down SH1 to Paekakariki, up and over the Peakakariki hill, through to Haywards Hill, along Upper Hutt and then over the Akatarawa hill to return to Waikanae. Approximately 95km

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Grape Ride *Ultimate* 505km

Just another Step in my Specialized Endurance Adult Apprenticeship

by Colin (Wal) Anderson

This event was originally set down for 10 laps, a great sigh of relief from me when the organizer pulled the plug on that version and settled for the 5 lapper.

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The Cape Argus 2009

Oh Crap, it’s the Cape Doctor, oops I mean Cape Argus.


By Vaughan Hunt  -  So I’m 200m into the event I, and all the riders around me are off our bikes… mine is lying on the ground and I’m down on my hands and knees… not one of us can stand upright. There was no crash!

2km into the event I’m reading a heart rate of 175 and struggling to climb a 2% gradient. Half the other riders around me are walking.

What’s going on?

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