Wednesday night time trial results week 4

Another fine night and more new faces. The use of the Horizons yard as an assembly point has worked very well.

next week we move to Linton Army Camp for a 4 week series of crit racing.

If you have gained points in the time trial series prizemoney for this will be awarded at the end of series prizegiving at Linton at the end of the 4 weeks.

Thanks to our helpers on the night Kirsty Kaihau at the turn point, Judith Elliot, Lenka Martin and Matt Levin on the start line and finish line.

Full explanation of how the crit races will work will be explained at next weeks breifing, but to give you an indication the races will be either 10 minutes plus one lap or 15 mins plus 1 lap.etc depending on the race that you are assigned to.  Riders will be assigned to a race depending on the ave speed that they achieved in the time trial series.  There will be at least 1 if not 2 sprints within each race and points will be awarded  for intermediate sprints as well as the finish.  Points will be totalled over the 4 weeks similar to the time trial series points. 1 point for riding as a minimum.

Full results for week 4 time trial available here.

Bike Manawatu Track Cycling Club Individual Pursuit Championships 10th February 2013 Johnston Park Feilding

IMG_6805IMG_6805A perfect day for a trip to the beach, hot sunny clear sky with little breeze. Fortunately it was also great for track cycling, providing a hot fast track and little wind resistance. A total of eight track records were set or broken and a long standing West Coast North Island record was almost broken by Campbell Stewart. A fantastic effort from all involved.

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Wednesday night time trials week 3 results

The conditions certainly weren’t as good as the previous week but some good times were still posted.  The message about keeping off the road whilst waiting to start seems to have got through as no one was penalised this week. There are a group at the top of the table all on 6 points which shows that they have been able to improve on their previous best time each week. When you look at the times of these few the outstanding performer is Andrew McKenzie who has been able to improve by a minute each week. I wonder if he will be able to do the same next week.

Thanks to our helpers on the night – Kirsty Kaihau on the turn, Paul and Carol Roberts along with Stu McKenzie on the start line and also the finish.

For full results click here

Next week is the final night at Kairanga before the competition shifts to Linton Army Camp. Prize money will be awarded at the final night but will be split between the crit series and the time trial series. You  must be present to claim prizemoney. Unclaimed prizemoney is returned to the pot for the next series.

Bike Manawatu Track Cycling 29th January 2013 Johnston Park Feilding


The riders were presented with a clear sky and a moderate breeze, we all continue to be spoilt with a fantastic summer. Selections have been completed for those that will represent the West Coast North Island centre at Track Nationals in Invercargill. The seniors and Under 19's were in transit to Invercargill and so unavailable for the evenings racing.


The racing tonight began with 5 lap handicap races to warm up followed by team sprints to teach those going to Invercargill the rules of the team sprint then short tight 1 lap races then finished off with long handicap races to help expand lung capacity and build fitness. An observation of the evenings racing was the repeating story of old bull and the young bull, but with a twist. The A & B 5 lap handicap race saw old bull Jaycob Humphreys lead the scratch riders to the front of the race only to be rolled in the home straight by the young bull James Denholm. The twist came in the long handicap race at the end of the evening when old bull Brent Zimmerman was caught by young bull James on lap 5 of the 15 lap race. Brent slotted in behind James and drafted behind him for a lap or two but would not pass James, so leaving James with no protection from the wind. Despite this plan working to the young bulls advantage in the earlier race he was not happy about the role reversal and made his displeasure clear to all. The situation was such a distraction that James refused to race and eventually pulled out of the race.

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Wednesday night time trials week 2

The weather conditions again played in our favour and on a fine, slightly overcast windless Waitangi Day evening a record was set. It had taken some time to reach  this stage. He had tried hard in the last series of time trials, knowing that he was capable of beating the previous record, but the weather wasn’t playing the game. So Matiu Kaihau was beaming and the smile was obviously one of pure satisfaction that he had at last achieved the desired result.  Well done Matiu. Let’s see if you can do another next week. The new official  record for the 12 km course is 15mins 14secs.

In fact everybody who completed was able to break their previous personal best as the conditions were so good.

The new assembly point and new race briefing are working well.  One slight hiccup was when 2 riders were locked in the yard. It was fortunate for them that the key had not gone too far and was still within shouting distance so they could escape to tell the story.

Thanks to Nev Weir, Stu McKenzie, Lenka Martin for helping on the start and finish line and to Kirsty Kaihau for marshalling at the turn point.

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