Three All Time Club Time Trial Records Broken

This week two riders broke Club 12km Time Trial Records which has been running for 9 years on the Kairanga course. Also I was told of one from last November.

If you want to acknowledge them, Deb Cuff, 22min10sec (W5), Libby Arbuckle 17min48sec (Under 23) and Tyler Mumby, 21min37sec on 29/141/2017 (11 Year old boys).

Attached are the updated all time records, and a copy of the times from this week,

IMG 2776IMG 2776

IMG 2781IMG 2781

"UCI Gravel and Tar Classic" reaches Global audience with YouTube Video coverage

Congratulations Manawatu. Passionate cycling fans from all over the world have been watching the UCI "Gravel and Tar Classic" YouTube video footage which showcased our beautiful Manawatu region and "Manawatu Festival of Cycling"brilliantly.

Team Tank Guy/ BikeBox leads both Overall and U-23 jerseys in the Trust House North Island elite series

How could the team improve on the successful first round of the Trusthouse North Island series?

Well... by adding the Overall leaders jersey to the U23 leaders jersey they already hold.

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So that's what super star Madi Hartley-Brown did! After winning both the points race and the road race at the recent Schools Nationals recently, he carried on his amazing run of form.

Madi made the break of the day with some of NZ cycling's big names. Most 18 year kids would be daunted in the company but not Madi. He worked hard and finished in the top 5 for the second round in a row, proving to be the most consistent rider in the series.

The teams other riders Josh Page and Matt Webb-Smith both made the top 10 and now Team Tank Guy/Bikebox has 3 riders in the top 4 overall.

Libby Arbuckle – 2017 World Track Cycling Champs – Montichiari, Italy

Our main build up for Junior Worlds began mid July in Melbourne where we competed in a week long International Track Series. We competed in numerous races throughout the week.
My highlights from these races were placing 3rd in the Scratch and Points Races and 4th in the Elite/U19 Womens Madison (a 2 person event where I partnered with past club member Emily Shearman). A crash took me out of the team events due to slight concussion and broken bike wheels. At the end of this week we flew back to Cambridge and began our training for Junior Worlds. Being away from home for so long throughout the year at smaller camps and now the last 3 week camp was hard at times but it helped the team become a tight unit that supported, trusted and respected each other.
On the 13th August we started our 40hr journey to Montichiari. The team stayed about 10kms from the velodrome, and spent some time adjusting to the 35+ degree heat and the track conditions. The track in Montichiari is steeper than usual (42 degree angle round the bends) with longer straights and tighter corners. Thankfully we had nearly a week to train and adjust to the boards. During the event we witnessed and dodged plenty of high speed accidents from riders who had not adjusted to the track.
42 countries attended the world champs. For the competition I was selected to race the Scratch race (5km’s) and the Omnium event – I was also the back-up rider for our team pursuit team. Over the four Omnium races I placed 6th, 8th, 7th and 5th. This placed me 7th overall in the final standings. In the Scratch race I placed 6th. Out of 42 teams that’s not too bad!

Libby ArbuckleLibby Arbuckle

We weren’t able to see much of Italy while we were there as we needed to stick to our processes and not eating too much pizza and pasta at the buffet. The parts of Italy we did get to see however while we were riding were beautiful and one day hopefully I’ll get to go back (for a holiday this time).
I am very proud of my achievements this year and the hard work I’ve put in - believe me you don’t get to a world championship without a lot of sweat and tears. I am very grateful for all the opportunities I have been given over the past year and for everyone who has helped and supporte me along the way.
Trying to balance both NCEA with my cycling training, gym work and racing definitely wasn’t an easy task. There were a lot of highs and of course the occasional low but all in all 2017 has proved to be a very successful year for me in both road and track cycling.
Once again, a massive thanks to Bike Manawatu for supporting my cycling development and helping me achieve my goals.

Libby Arbuckle

Mangaweka to Palmy Ride 2017

Early on Sunday morning, 40 or so Bike Manawatu members met at Memorial Park ready to bus to Mangaweka and cycle back to Palmerston North. There was a mix of riders in attendance and it was great to see some newer faces and some of our younger members too. Some were there to ride a course they hadn't ridden before, others for the challenge of riding some hilly terrain, but everyone was there to enjoy themselves.

There were two rides on offer, the first a 90km route travelling through Rangiwahia, Kimbolton Cheltenham and Colyton and the second a 125km route going through Rangiwhaia, then just before Kimbolton turning left and going to Apiti, then Umutoi, Raumai and Ashhurst and on to Palmerston North.

There were 2 groups doing the 90km course, and people quickly assembled into the groups suited to their ability or the challenge they were there for.
There was 1 group tackling the 125km ride.

1 Group 11 Group 1

The weather dealt us a mixed bag with all groups getting 4 seasons in 1 day. We had sunshine, wind, rain, hail and the odd thunderclap too - but all in all - we had a great day and most ticked a ride off their bucket list and achieved a personal challenge they had set themselves - so well done to the participants and thanks for your support.

2 Group 22 Group 2

One person who deserves a big thank you is Bike Manawatu sponsor Garry Buys, who gave up his free time and was there at 6.30am on his day off to load bikes into the Bike Barn van to transport them to Mangaweka, and have them reassembled and ready for the riders to depart. He then went on to pack up the bags and blankets and bring them back to Palmerston North for collection. Without Garry's assistance, we wouldn't have been able to accommodate for such a large group and start riding as early as we did. Garry's support on the day was invaluable.

3 Group 33 Group 3