Bike Skills Course - Jan 12

Ross Castle will be delivering another bike skills course in January 12. 

The success of this course has been based upon the delivery of two previous courses.  The last one was in the October school holidays where 21 teenagers between ages of 11-15 attended the four day program.

The participants learnt a variety of techniques to improve bike riding/handling (braking, cornering, hills, bunch riding) and increase confidence.  They also gained technical information from highly experienced riders such as Massey University’s Associate Professor Steve Stannard who discusses power delivery; Barry Gilliland who offers his knowledge and skills on wind resistance and friction reduction, and Steve Pedley who talks about tyres and rolling resistance.

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Core strength and stability for cycling

Core StrengthCore StrengthThe Coaching and Managers working group

In conjunction with Kim Findlay, Churchyard Physiotherapy


Core strength and stability for cycling

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Pahiatua Track and Saddle Roads

The ongoing inclement weather continues to make the task of clearing the slip and stabilising the hillside in the Manawatu Gorge extremely difficult.  The continuing slips have stretched out the task well beyond the council and contractors original estimates.  Our message to cyclist remains in place.  For personal safety reasons we are still recommending and encouraging cyclists to avoid using the Pahiatua Track and Saddle Roads as a training route.  You will be aware that the men and women’s cycle tour planned for the region in the New Year has been forced to change its route as a result. 

For those who regularly read the Manawatu Evening Standard, I noted a one page plea from Fonterra also asking cyclists to avoid using these routes.  To me such requests makes a lot of sense when the road offers a negligible verge and it seems pointless increasing the levels of risk to individuals when it’s totally unnecessary. Choose alternative routes and live to ride.

Now is your chance to volunteer

You will see when you look at the calendar that for the races that have been added so far there are a number of jobs to be filled each race. This idea was seen on the PNP website and I am looking at introducing it to Bike Manawatu. As advised at the Sprint Cup we need everyone to put their hand up and help out with running the Saturday races. Volunteering is a great part of being involved in any sports club - its vital to the health of the club, it gives you a chance to give something back to your club, and you get to see just what goes into keeping each race safe.

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Good Luck to all riding Taupo this weekend


Good luck

to everyone riding Taupo this weekend… especially Colin (Wal) Andersen who pushed off on Wednesday for a mere 8 laps!

If your aren’t riding, but you know someone riding, live video streaming from around the course and searchable results will be available on the day at

Massey Marquee

All financial members of Bike Manawatu are invited to the Massey marquee for some after race chit chat and to catch up with your fellow Manawatu riders.

Weather Forecast

Weather conditions for the ride are... in a word… Windy!  Bike Manawatu flags will be flying.

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