Linton Army Camp Criterium

This Sunday (27th) BM Schools racing invite Bike Manawatu members to race in a Criterium at Linton Army camp.

Come and have a go..If you aren’t sure about your grade, A grade will average 40 KPH, B grade 35, C grade 30 or there abouts.

Entry - Free.  All over 16's need photo ID to enter the camp.  Park at the main pool car park

Please obey speed limits, road rules and signage at all times - even if just riding around or warming up. The roads are still open!!

Only 1 grade will be on the circuit at a time. So to save lots of people hanging around waiting we are going to have a staggered sign on and briefing for each grade.

All sign on and briefings will be at the start/ finish area on Flux Road. Keep well off the circuit while races are in progress. Please be considerate to golfers- let people tee off etc. while moving around the course.

Programme is as follows:

Sign in at 8.30.

D Grade 25/30kmh
8.50am sign on closes & briefing.
9am start
Race duration 20 mins plus 1 lap

C Grade 30/35kmh
9.20am sign on closes & briefing
9.30am start
Race duration 25 mins plus 1 lap

B Grade 35/40kmh
10am sign on closes & briefing
10.10am start
Race duration 30 mins plus 1 lap

A Grade 40kmh plus
10.40am sign on closes & briefing
10.45am start
Race duration 40 mins plus a lap.

Rear lights are compulsory. No light no ride.
Coffee will be available from VC Elliot centre

Riders over 16 must have ID with them and will be checked at the Main Gates.

Hoping for dry conditions, come and do something different. Café open